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How to dress for a wedding as a guest?

How to dress for a wedding as a guest?

While the summer season is known as the season of trophy girls and bathing suits, it is also the high season for weddings. The summer sun and mild temperatures are always conducive to festive ceremonies during which lovers say "I do" for life. The eternal question of the wedding outfit arises. Dresses, Jumpsuits, suits and costumes: what can you wear when you are a guest? Whether you're a bohemian or a rock 'n' roller, it's possible to play with the codes of your style to find the perfect outfit. Need some inspiration or fashion tips? Check out our complete guide on how to dress for a wedding without making a faux pas.

Updated 10/06/2024

Dress code: 4 mistakes to avoid when invited to a wedding

If you're invited to a wedding this summer, then you know all too well the headache of finding the perfect outfit. From the fear of overdoing it, to the fear of not fitting in with the theme, to the fear of not having a sophisticated enough outfit for the occasion, there are many sources of fear - especially when the wedding dress code is not specified. Fortunately, there are wildcard outfits that can be adapted to any situation and can save you from a few embarrassed glances.

Like all ceremonial events, weddings are subject to a few rules of decorum. These are simple rules, but it is important to know them so as not to offend the couple who are the centre of attention. Here is a summary of the 4 main rules to respect in order not to commit an error on the big day.

  • If possible, ban white and avoid the color dedicated to bridesmaids. Even if it seems obvious, it is preferable to proscribe white (and its very close tones), except if the bride decided to get married in a dress of color. In the same way, avoid choosing a dress or suit in colors similar to those of the bridesmaids so that people don't think that you are part of the bridal party.
  • Avoid black as it will not really suit the situation.
  • Don't wear anything too casual. Unless otherwise specified in the dress code, jeans and other everyday clothes clearly have no place at a wedding.
  • Don't rely on outfits and accessories that might draw attention to you. The whole point of a wedding is to celebrate the couple who are getting together. So don't steal the spotlight by arriving in a royal wedding hat or an outfit that would look better on the catwalk of a fashion show.

Once you have integrated these few precepts, all you have to do is go in search of your guest outfit: the one that will perfectly match your desires, your style and the spirit of the wedding to which you are invited.

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How to dress for a bohemian inspired wedding?

It is quite possible to bet on a bohemian look for a wedding, especially if the spirit of the ceremony is rather rural. In this case, the bohemian style dress will match perfectly with the setting. The same goes for the print and the color which will bring life and cheerfulness to your outfit.

  • Should you wear a long or short dress? It depends on what you want to wear. If you feel comfortable in the rather long bohemian models, let yourself be tempted by a long dress. If not, opt for a dress with a slight slit to show off your pretty legs.
  • What accessories should I choose? Choose simple and discreet pieces, especially if the dress already includes bright colors . Choose a clutch in the same tone as your outfit to harmonize the composition and make sure to match your jewelry.
  • What do you wear on your feet? Put on a comfortable pair of shoes that will allow you to dance the night away. If you choose pumps or high-heeled sandals, make sure you have a spare pair of shoes.
Find out everything you need to know to adopt the bohemian trend to perfection.

How to wear a suit or a two-piece suit to a wedding?

The trouser suit or the two-piece jacket/trouser suit are the magic outfits that erase all doubts. They can be adapted to any situation and allow you to create an elegant silhouette without overdoing it. The golden rule is to opt for a quality ensemble, combining perfect cuts and noble materials, in order to avoid the "I've just left the office" effect.

  • Are all colors allowed? With the exception of white and black, yes. You can go as crazy as you want, from red to green to yellow.
  • What do you wear underneath? Something simple and light, like a white cotton shirt. The more daring can dare to wear an elegant bra for a more sophisticated look.
  • Can you wear sneakers to a wedding? Yes, but only if they are immaculate and spotless.

How to wear a long dress to a wedding?

A wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear a maxi dress. But beware, the idea is not to find the perfect dress to receive an Oscar. In order to celebrate your friends' union properly, opt for a model that offers a certain freedom of movement. Satin fabrics are also wonderful allies, as they are very elegant. Finally, the most important thing is to choose a dress that you like and that is perfectly adapted to your morphology.

  • What length of dress can you afford? Absolutely any length. However, avoid dresses with a train, as they are generally less practical. If you're worried that you won't look your best in a very long dress, opt for a knee-length dress or a dress with a wide leg slit to keep your figure in check.
  • What shoes to wear with a maxi dress? It all depends on the style of your outfit, but you should avoid shoes that are too casual, as they will break the overall harmony of your look. Heels are usually the best choice for a maxi dress as they help to elongate the figure. If you are afraid of thin heels, you can opt for a pair of wedges for more comfort.
  • What accessories go well with the maxi dress? Finish off your outfit with some fine, delicate jewellery, an elegant clutch and a shawl to avoid any evening chill.

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How to wear a wedding suit?

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Jumpsuits pants or shorts offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional dresses. They bring a touch of originality while remaining within the codes of elegance. To wear a jumpsuit to a wedding, it's crucial to choose a model that suits your body type, with flowing cuts and refined fabrics such as silk or satin. As for color, it's best to avoid black and white, preferring soft, luminous hues such as powder pink or sky blue.

When it comes to shoes to match your jumpsuit, opt for high heels or elegant sandals that will elongate your silhouette. Pointed-toe pumps, clogs or sandals with slender straps are particularly well-suited to the occasion and will complete your outfit brilliantly. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, as ceremonies often last several hours.

The jumpsuit can be accessorized with discreet yet elegant jewelry, such as dangling earrings or a delicate bracelet, so as not to overpower the outfit. A matching clutch and a well-groomed hairstyle will complete your guest look, allowing you to shine throughout the event.

How to wear shorts to a wedding?

Wearing shorts to a wedding may seem daring, but with the right tips, you can create an elegant look appropriate for the occasion. First, choose quality shorts, preferably in an elegant fabric like linen or textured cotton. Pair them with a well-tailored shirt or sophisticated blouse for a touch of sophistication. For a more formal look, opt for a matching blazer or structured jacket. Don't forget to accessorize with a chic belt and dress shoes, such as loafers or leather shoes. Finally, make sure the length of the shorts is appropriate. Just above the knee, like Bermuda shorts, is generally the safest for such a special occasion.

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Is it okay to dress up as a rocker at a wedding?

If you're a fan of the rock look, you should know that it's entirely possible to find an outfit that's suitable for a wedding while retaining your style and identity. You'll just need to make a few adjustments.

  • Should we forget about black? Ideally yes. This color is generally reserved for funerals and not for weddings. You can keep some small touches of black but it is strongly advised to start on rock pieces more colorful than usual.
  • What can we wear for the bottom? The field of possibilities is vast. For example, you can dare to wear leather pants as long as they are colored. The color will match the festive atmosphere of the wedding and the leather will underline the rock spirit of the room.
  • Which top can I match it with? A nice shirt. Choose noble fabrics such as silk to bring an elegant touch to your outfit. When it comes to accessories, there's no need to go overboard: choose bracelets that you like but that remain sufficiently neutral.
  • The bonus? In summer, the hat is at the top of our wishlist. If you're not really into capes, you can of course wear your best fedora hat. The detail that really makes a statement? Hang pearls around the ribbon to create an original combination in the spirit of the wedding.
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