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Explore our selection of Fine books at Assouline and find the gift that's sure to please. More than just books to leaf through, these are real Decorative items to collect and keep for a lifetime.
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Since its creation in the 90s, Assouline has specialized in publishing beautifully illustrated luxury books covering art, fashion and the art of living. While other publishers present themselves as curators of culture, Assouline seeks to be a driver of culture. Today, the publisher is described as the couturier of books, a fitting reward for this lover of artistic perfection, who immortalizes, book after book, the art, fashion and luxury codes of our time.

The collection of Fine books Assouline

In a world of fast-moving information consumed on digital media, Assouline has established itself as an undisputed reference in the field of collectible book publishing. Deeply rooted in the world of culture in all its forms, this publisher of excellence - founded in 1994 by Prosper and Martine Assouline - has published thousands of luxury books that are educational, inspirational and decorative. These books are works of art in their own right, dressing up our interiors with unparalleled modernity and elegance. From the coffee table in the living room to the bedside table in the bedroom, not forgetting the essential piece of library furniture, Fine books Assouline are inviting themselves into all our living spaces and are proudly displayed for all to see. Thanks to the many authors and artists it highlights in five flagship collections, Assouline explores timeless subjects such as design, cinema and fashion with research and a sense of detail. The fashion books are the perfect gift idea for fans of new designers and design history enthusiasts. Richly illustrated, these books will provide you with crisp, exclusive and documented information on the backstage of fashion in the great capitals of the world or through iconic personalities. Why not use a book Assouline to start conversations about legendary dresses worn by the stars of the silver screen? And why not continue on Travel to the mythical town of Saint-Tropez, a holiday resort for celebrities from all over the world, or the Bay of Amalfi or the vast American countryside? Because Assouline has also designed a collection focusing on the luxury tourist destinations favoured by our favourite stars. You will dream as you leaf through the pages of a colourful and graphic guide that will bring a breath of fresh air into your living room! Immortalising a dream life in fabulous European and American cities, these collector's books sound like an invitation to travel through time and space, following in the footsteps of actors and actresses, singing stars and pillars of cinema and literature. As a guarantor of the preservation of the world's cultural heritage in all its forms, the Maison Assouline also offers a collection of works focused on design. Fashion, watches, cars... So many works, with a striking visual identity, which represent much more than simple catalogues. The absolute dream of every art collector, these must-have books combine the precise and innovative world of design with the world of luxury as usual. The Impossible Collection is hand-bound and presented in a refined linen case that protects it like a jewel box. An ideal gift for those who love the genre. This collection is distinguished by its attention to detail and luxury. Still in the field of culture, we also love the Fine books cinema books, which are an anthology of stars of the seventh art or exceptional films. This is a real bargain for fans of cult or independent films. Finally, if you are particularly interested in gastronomy, Assouline has also published a collection that focuses on award-winning chefs, cocktails and gourmet recipes that will tickle your taste buds with ingredients worthy of the world's greatest restaurants.

Buy Fine books Assouline

Revolutionizing the world of Decoration, these illustrated books are a great investment for all culture lovers and collectors of beautiful things. Buying from Fine books Assouline is a guarantee of a quality book that you will keep for a lifetime. Let yourself be seduced by these magnificent collections that make the book object an essential accessory to enhance your home! The perfection of the illustrations, coupled with a consistent editorial line, contribute to the enduring popularity of these works of art to read. Far from the world of digital communication, these luxury illustrated books are among those references that make people dream and start conversations over lunch with friends or colleagues. Bibles of architecture, photography and design, they will enhance your home and your conversations by setting the bar high. As an ambassador of excellence, the publishing house is for those who want to dream by purchasing exceptional books with unique craftsmanship. Limited editions, linen boxes and covers, detachable photographs for framing, the Fine books Assouline offer us hours of exoticism... to be collected without moderation.

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