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Men's colognes

Enter the refined world of men's fragrances. With its fine selection of rare eaux de Cologne for men, Jane de Boy invites you to discover new olfactory horizons. Niche perfumes, eaux de toilette, men also have the right to be stylish.

The iconic eau de Cologne for men, perfume of kings

Invented in the 17th century, eau de Cologne has always delighted men. Its fleeting scent, lighter than that of perfume or even eau de parfum, is fresh and citrus-based. The creators highlighted by Jane de Boy are doubling their imagination to offer you rare colognes for men. Like niche perfumes, these eaux de cologne are produced in limited numbers to allow you to wear an original scent, far from the perfumes you have worn a thousand times. Ideal after shaving, eau de Cologne has soothing properties and leaves the skin soft and fragrant. From l'Artisan parfumeur to Carven, the eaux de Cologne for men are made with pure and genuine ingredients to offer you the best possible fragrances.

Agreements and disagreements: a delicate air

The first element of a cologne is the quality of the ingredients used to make it. In this selection, you will find no synthetic flavors. Only natural essential oils are found in these colognes for men, in the tradition of master perfumers. Choosing a scent is very personal and quite difficult. Your cologne is unique and its composition makes a harmonious alliance with your skin. With the same bottle, no two men wear the same scent. And this is what makes perfumery so mysterious and wonderful. For the summer, we opt for freshness in the head, citrus and flowers are a good match. For the cooler seasons, we think of more woody scents, a little deeper. With Jane de Boy, you can discover new scents thanks to the selection of colognes for men.


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