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Teas & Infusions

A thousand-year-old beverage with exceptional properties, tea comes in a wide range of flavours: white tea, green tea or black tea, each with its own characteristics and qualities. Enjoy a real moment of relaxation by discovering our selection of French artisanal teas.

The natural benefits of artisanal tea

Tea is the ultimate health drink and an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. As natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, most teas contribute to the overall health of the body and mind Wellness . Whether green, fragrant or flowery, artisanal tea contributes to our enjoyment with its subtle flavours and aromas. The water crackling in the teapot, the tea leaves slowly infusing for an exaltation of taste from dawn to sunset. While the classic teas remain essential and go well with all kinds of dishes, the fruity, flowery or caffeine-free teas enchant the senses to delight the most delicate taste buds. A true invitation to Travel, tea is much more than a simple hot drink: it is a call to rest.

French teas, drinks with a thousand flavours

Through its scented selection, Jane de Boy puts French tea in the spotlight. Plain or flavoured green teas can be enjoyed throughout the day. Simply try out new flavours to vary the pleasures. Black teas provide a real boost, ideal for a good start to the day. The spicier teas will accompany you during the Christmas season for a pure moment of Wellness. Serenity and relaxation will be the order of the day with the wide range of French artisanal teas offered in the selection. Delicately scented and carefully chosen, they are all of impeccable quality so that you can enjoy the beneficial properties of this unique drink. The duration of the infusion and the dosage of the tea leaves will depend on the desired flavour, more or less intense. You are free to invent your own rituals around a tasty cup of tea so that Wellness and serenity fill your daily life.

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