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Maison de Vacances

In the Mood for Love... Everyone dreams about this holiday home! Lots of Cushions everywhere, quilts, poufs, plaids, rugs, but also clutches, bags and all the accessories that accompany the good times of a cool lifestyle above all, from naps to evenings with friends. The label Maison de Vacances was born in 1995 in the gardens of the Palais-Royal in the heart of Paris. More than a decorating brand, Maison de Vacances offers a lifestyle signature that sells dreams made in France: a relaxed, slightly bohemian atmosphere, always chic but without fuss, and above all a French touch that is not there (just) to look pretty. Committed and faithful to an uncompromisingly ethical approach, the two designers, Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac, favour noble materials with a high added value in terms of sensuality: linen, leather, fur, feathers... A commitment that goes to the very end of their convictions, with scrupulous monitoring of the supply chain, especially the tanning. For the two creators of Maison de Vacances, "each product expresses a lifestyle, a mode of production and a relationship with the world" beyond a disposable and perishable consumer object. This beautiful approach, rare in design, also offers total creative freedom, with small exclusive series controlled from A to Z, from design to production, always in France. Nothing but happiness... Maisons de Vacances is a brand, not a destination.
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    "Perfect as usualˮ
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    08/04/2024 5
    "Everything is always perfectˮ
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    08/04/2024 5
    "The gift package was beautiful and not damaged at all and thank you for the Postcards and the perfume sample.ˮ
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    08/04/2024 5
    "Everything was perfectˮ
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    "I loveˮ
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    08/04/2024 5
    "Very good, impeccable service, careful and attentive. I recommend!!!ˮ
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    08/04/2024 5
    "Very good . Perfumed package. Too bad because I have allergies !!!!ˮ
  • Delphine H.
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    "Fast, simple, efficientˮ