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Home fragrances

To create a special atmosphere in a room or to freshen up its smell, home fragrances are a must. Jane de Boy has selected top-of-the-range home fragrances, which will enhance your home with their refined scent and elegant design. [See more]
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A selection of Scented candles

Choose from a wide range of Scented candles to create a calm and warm atmosphere. In the living room, bedroom, office or at Bathroom, candlelight can be easily integrated into your Decoration. Placed on the table during a family meal or a romantic dinner, they will create an intimate atmosphere with their soft, diffused light. Want to relax after a hard day's work? A scented candle will help you relax with its soothing glow and discreet, comforting scent. Designed by talented designers, they bring their own special scent to a room. Choose a fragrance that suits you and that will become a real signature scent for your living space. If you like to vary the atmosphere, don't hesitate to collect them and change them according to your mood and your desires. Special care has also been taken with their design. Whether they are retro, sober or original, the Scented candles bring a real plus to a Decoration interior.

Elegantly designed fragrance diffusers

If you are looking for a home fragrance that is also a beautiful decorative object, choose diffusers and sticks. The diffusers will give your home a long-lasting fragrance and will embellish it with their refined design. Their unique scents are the result of the work and creativity of craftsmen with recognised know-how. They will help to improve your Wellness every day with delicate and subtle scents. This selection offers you a wide variety of diffusers that will fit into any interior. Do you want it to be discreet? Choose a diffuser with a sober and elegant look. With a more assertive design, it will become a real work of art. With their natural rattan stems, the sticks are a fragrant bouquet for your home. Their elegant and discreet silhouette will complement any decor. Place perfume sticks in a living room or in a Bathroom to immediately create a zen atmosphere. You will enjoy a long-lasting and continuous diffusion of your favourite home fragrance.

Indoor sprays with sophisticated fragrances

If you want to freshen up a room with just a few sprays, indoor sprays are a great ally. They are very effective in dissipating unwanted odours and spreading a pleasant fragrance in your home. Designed by talented designers, the room sprays in the selection satisfy every desire thanks to a wide choice of scents. Do you want to create a serene atmosphere in your room? Choose relaxing and soothing essences, such as lavender or orange blossom. In the living room, dare to use stronger floral fragrances and opt for a sweet, gourmet atmosphere for your kitchen. Made with respect for nature, these home fragrances contain essential oils carefully selected for their creators. Whether you are looking for an invigorating, relaxing or stimulating effect, you will find a room spray to suit your mood.

Delicate scented pillow mists

Pillow mists ensure a calm and peaceful sleep. As a pre-bedtime ritual, spraying a light fragrance on Bed linen will create a real sensation of Wellness. This olfactory ambience will accompany you as you fall asleep by creating a comforting atmosphere in the room. These mists are formulated from essential oils with proven relaxing properties. Whether you prefer soothing lavender, enchanting vanilla or the scent of pine needles, you will find the ideal cocktail to spend a peaceful night. The pillow mist will also look great on a bedside table thanks to the elegant design of the products included in this selection. Their elegantly designed bottles will naturally find their place in your bedroom. Accompany your mist with a delicate and soft Bed linen to quickly fall into the arms of Morpheus.


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