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Men's beauty products

The world of beauty is not reserved for women. On the contrary. At Jane de Boy, the greatest creators of cosmetics and exceptional care for men offer a gem of products for men. [See more]
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Niche perfumes for men: unique scents

How about conquering a hidden world where the scents are not those worn by all men. Niche perfumes offer you the pleasure of intimacy. Made in a few copies, these designer fragrances for men are not found in all stores and promise you an incomparable level of quality. Let yourself be invaded by fragrances that blossom on contact with your skin to create a unique signature. From musk to woody, sweet or fruity scents, from a citrus base to a floral top, bring the luxury of a fragrance that is uniquely yours to your daily life. At Jane de Boy, the creators pay particular attention to the purity of the products used to create the perfumes in order to offer you the best.

From eau de toilette to eau de Cologne: subtle fragrances

The eau de toilette has the attributes of perfume and eau de parfum while remaining evanescent, soft and subtle. The numerous products at your disposal at Jane de Boy allow you to change your scent at will. Crack for an eau de toilette with floral and fruity notes, from green apple to raspberry, through redcurrant, lily of the valley, licorice, and many other exquisite scents. The eaux de toilette of our creators evolve with your skin throughout the day, from the freshness of the morning to the delicacy of the bottom, rounder, softer, for a subtle end of day. The houses Bon Parfumeur and L'Artisan Parfumeur offer your skin the wonders of masculine coquetry. With eau de Cologne, you are touching the quintessence of the scent. This age-old water has never lost its refreshing virtues. Soft and delicate, the eau de Cologne evolves more quickly than the eau de toilette. Ideal to soften your skin after shaving and to perfume you daily, the colognes of Jane de Boy remind you of the beautiful season and the walks in the fields. Cologne can be used in any situation, from a day at the office to a family outing. Fresh and not very heady, it accompanies you every day and delights the people around you.

High-end care for men: in search of the Wellness

Treat your body to real moments of relaxation with designer skin care for men. Enter Wellness with delicately scented shower gels, repairing and invigorating shampoos, and hand soaps. Your skin deserves the best to fight against the elements, summer and winter alike. Choose a lip balm with a delicious taste that leaves your lips soft and sensual. Sportsmen and women, take care of your skin and think of the repairing balm, a natural formula that allows your muscles to regenerate efficiently. Deep cleanse your face with designer exfoliating creams and treat your body to the softness of a subtle milk after a bath or shower. It's not just women who appreciate the softness of a body lotion. In the sun, don't let your skin get damaged and go for the high-end Suncare with heavenly scents. As for shared pleasures, they are well present at Jane de Boy : don't miss to try the oils and body milks, perfect for an absolute relaxation and a unique moment of sharing.

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