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Women's eaux de toilette

Light and fragrant, rare eaux de toilette for women go with our spring skirts, our little summer dresses, our fall scarves or our long winter coats. Worn in any season, women's eaux de toilette make all their effect to underline our outfits and our personality.
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Eaux de toilette for every day

By their concentration - from 5 to 15% of aromatic compounds - the eaux de toilette are classified between the eaux de Cologne, which are lighter, and the eaux de parfum, which are much more concentrated. Fresh and delicate, floral and light, or original and timeless, rare eaux de toilette are the perfumes of choice to punctuate our daily life. Indeed, the eaux de toilette of creators are adapted to our beauty rituals and follow all our desires. To express your essence and your uniqueness, you can perfectly wear the same eau de toilette all year long. Do you want to explore all the facets of your personality? Don't hesitate to vary the fragrances according to the season, or even the month.

Rare eaux de toilette for women

The selection proposed by Jane de Boy presents a large panel of rare eaux de toilette, of great quality, so that each woman can find the one which corresponds to her. Of artisanal manufacture, the eaux de toilette of creators are rare and invaluable compositions, true condensed of noble matters and the best products. The creators of rare eaux de toilette magnify nature and plants and invite us to share their vision of beauty. Thus, their creations become true odes to nature and life, which we like to wear at all times. Moreover, the creators of rare eaux de toilette bring a very particular care to their creations. An artistic know-how that can be found both in the composition of the perfumes and in the design of the bottles. The latter, elaborate, chiseled or even refined, magnificently highlight the fragrances, while beautifully adorning the bathroom.

Fragrances with character

Inspired by mythical destinations and olfactory memories, the creators of women's eaux de toilette combine fragrances to create wonderful impressions and unique sensory experiences. Rare eaux de toilette leave in their wake an aura of mystery, a light summer scent, or an invitation to travel. They take you to wild landscapes, sunny gardens, tropical cities or heavenly beaches. An intoxicating Travel where floral and delicate scents, marine or aquatic scents, or fiery fragrances and fruity cocktails meet. The eaux de toilette offer an olfactory identity: nothing better to assert your personality and express your singularity. You can wear them every day or change them according to your desires, over the month or the seasons, associating them with your favorite jewels or your accessories of the moment... everything is possible! You can even find them in the form of sprays or diffusers, to create interior atmospheres.


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