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Women's pendants

Whether it's for an evening out, a business meeting or a day off, designer charms and pendants for women enhance any outfit. Worn with a dress or jeans, alone or with earrings or bracelets, the pendants, large or discreet, will accompany your outings and your days.

The charm of designer pendants

The designer pendants, handcrafted, are of great elegance and reveal the singularity of their creators. Sublimated by a necklace or a chain, or mounted on a bracelet or a handbag, pendants and charms brighten up outfits and tell a story, that of the delicate and refined women the pendant designers have thought of when designing these jewels. Combining tradition and modernity, the designers brilliantly revisit medallions and religious or natural symbols. Mixing genres, associating precious stones, gold and diamonds with resin, enamel and shell, the designers play with the material to offer us singular and beautiful jewels, which Jane de Boy selects with the greatest care. The choice of stones, the precision of the gestures, the quality of these handmade creations, bring to the designer pendants a perfect elegance.

To each its own uniqueness

Highlighting the uniqueness of each, the pendants illuminate the outfits, sublimate and radiate the brightness of the personality. The wide variety of pendants selected by Jane de Boy will allow you to find the one or ones that will accompany you on a daily basis as faithful companions, as well as those that will sublimate your evening wear. Among the two main families of pendants, there are indeed those of good size, made to be seen, which will be perfect to bring the final touch to an outfit. And then there are those that are more discreet, more intimate, which sign a look in everyday life. Talismans, medallions, charms choose the wearer as much as she chooses them. From the moon pendants of Gigi Clozeau to the engraved bronze pendants of Catherine Michiels, from the talismans of Pascale Monvoisin to the charms of Feidt, all sensibilities are represented, and each one will be able to find, in the set of pendants selected by Jane de Boy, the one she likes.

Easy to combine pendants for women

All these pieces respond to each other, the pendants of a designer will be nicely associated with rings, bracelets and earrings designed by the latter: nothing like gathering several pieces from the same collection to enter the universe of a designer. You can also combine jewelry from different designers to create your own style and let your personality shine through. Pendants can also be combined to create overlapping effects, or by uniting several charms, to tell a story, your own. Whether it is to enhance an evening dress or a little top, to create a bohemian or vintage look or simply to embellish your days, there is in the collection Jane de Boy a designer pendant for all occasions.


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