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Immerse yourself in the artistic world of G.Kero with our latest selection of shirts, dresses, shorts and jackets. Unique pieces that combine originality and elegance. > Find out more about G.Kero

It is from an idea of his brother Philippe that the desire of the artist Marguerite Bartherotte alias " G.Kero " came to him to launch out in the fashion. He asked her for a drawing to make a unique and personalized printed tee-shirt, and it was a revelation: Marguerite would make clothing her space of expression. Brother and sister, associated with a childhood friend, launch the brand G.Kero in Cap Ferret and offer elegant, light, casual and above all completely original ready-to-wear collections with unexpected prints. Their credo: to make fashion a humorous support, to bring a smile or create surprise through their creations. Bold pieces that end up being noticed by Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne, which will help propel the brand in 2014. Fashion as a means of free artistic expression, a philosophy totally approved by Jane de Boy !

Frequently asked questions about the brand G.Kero

  • Who is G.Kero ?

    Marguerite Bartherotte, also known as G.Kero, has chosen clothing as a means of expressing her creativity. Marguerite has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her revelation came when she saw her brother wearing a T-shirt featuring one of her illustrations.

  • Where are G.Kero clothes made?

    G.Kero garments are designed in Europe. The brand places particular emphasis on the transparency and traceability of its products. For example:

    • All products are designed and manufactured in France;
    • Printed in Italy;
    • Manufactured in a workshop in Portugal.
  • Are G.Kero clothes environmentally friendly?

    Although G.Kero is not associated with any label, the brand is careful to work exclusively with workshops that care about the environment.


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