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Christophe Robin

Discover the beauty world of Christophe Robin and explore our complete selection of exceptional hair care products. > Learn more about Christophe Robin

When you think of hair beauty and expert products, you instantly think of Christophe Robin. Rooted in expertise color, Christophe Robin offers a complete line of highly effective hair care products, inspired by the precious powers of powerful natural ingredients, to deliver exceptional results for all hair types. When the beauty of the hair is magnified, the magic happens; that's why Christophe Robin is dedicated to offering treatments that deliver immediate and visible results over the long term to enhance all hair types. Shampoos, conditioners, styling products, targeted masks for colored hair... The entire range of hair care products is safe, without silicones, parabens, alcohol, ammonia or SLS, but packed with goodness, vegetable oils and natural plant extracts for effective and gentle formulas.

Frequently asked questions about the brand Christophe Robin

  • Where does the brand Christophe Robin come from?

    The brand Christophe Robin was born in 1999 and launched its first range of hair care products for coloured hair enriched with natural plant extracts, for long-lasting and effective results.

    A pioneer in hair colouring, the company innovated by developing the first shading products in 2010. In the following years, it completed its care range with several products that became real bestsellers, such as the regenerating mask with prickly pear oil, the iconic sea salt scrub or the voluminous washing paste with pure rassoul and rose.

    In 2018, the brand Christophe Robin amazes with its temporary coloring gel that has the effect of covering white hair while preserving the natural color . All Christophe Robin products offer an authentic experience to enhance your hair from home. As he likes to say, "there is no beautiful color without deep care".

  • Where are the products made Christophe Robin ?

    The products Christophe Robin are made in Italy.

  • How to use a scrub Christophe Robin ?

    Easy to use, the scrub Christophe Robin is applied to wet hair. Gently massage and do not hesitate to add a little water to emulsify, and finally rinse thoroughly. It is suitable for oily or sensitive scalps.

    As a weekly treatment, the Christophe Robin scrub detoxifies, cleanses and moisturises your scalp. But it can also be used as an after-colouring treatment to reduce the tingling sensation and soothe your scalp.

  • How to use a shading product Christophe Robin ?

    Apply Christophe Robin after shampooing to towel-dried hair from the roots to the ends. Massage your scalp and after 5 to 30 minutes, rinse.

    A true nourishing mask, the Christophe Robin shades preserve the purity of your color and nourish your hair in depth. Your color will be revived!

    Note: the longer you leave your shader on, the more intense your color will be.

  • How to use a brush Christophe Robin ?

    Christophe Robin has developed boar bristle brushes that respect your hair. In order to avoid breaking and weakening your hair, it is recommended to brush it once it is dry. Use the detangling brush starting with the ends and working your way up to the roots. In addition, clean your brush regularly with a mild shampoo to remove any impurities caught in the bristles.

    For a 5-star blow-dry, use the pre-curled round brush after pre-drying your hair upside down. Wrap your hair around the brush vertically, from the ends to the roots, heat with your blow dryer downwards, then remove the brush. Head down, release your curls with your finger. Tight or wide curls, there are 2 sizes of pre-curved round brushes.

  • How often should you use your scrub Christophe Robin ?

    It is recommended that you use your Christophe Robin scrub once or twice a week.

  • How often should you use your shampoo Christophe Robin ?

    The Christophe Robin shampoos are developed for frequent use. You can use them every other day or even daily. They help to moisturise, strengthen and purify the scalp for healthy hair.

  • How often should you use your shading product Christophe Robin ?

    For long-lasting results, apply your Christophe Robin shader to your hair once a week.

  • Are Christophe Robin products natural?

    All Christophe Robin products are made from natural ingredients. The artisan colourist is inspired by ancestral recipes to create gentle formulas, enriched with vegetable oils and natural plant extracts.

  • Are Christophe Robin products clean?

    The products Christophe Robin are free of silicones, parabens, alcohol, ammonia or SLS. In fact, the creator only offers exceptional care products with clean formulas to care for all hair types.

  • Are Christophe Robin products vegan?

    Even though they are made from natural plants, not all the Christophe Robin ranges are vegan. On the other hand, the colourist is committed to not conducting experiments on Pets. Its products are therefore not exported to countries, such as China, that require mandatory testing on Pets.


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