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Toothpaste is an essential part of Bathroom and sits proudly in the cup next to its sidekick, the toothbrush. Jane de Boy invites you to discover its selection of designers: Toothpaste top-of-the-range products for your beautiful smile.

Choosing the right Toothpaste and toothbrushes

The choice of dental hygiene products depends on the sensitivity of each individual. White teeth, gum protection or plaque removal: nothing is left to chance to make your smile as bright as possible. Indeed, the creators of Toothpaste compete with their know-how to develop products that meet your needs. In order to respect the fragile enamel, tooth brushing must above all be gentle and non-aggressive. Thus, the toothbrush will be chosen according to the sensitivity and the size of your teeth. Whether it is soft, hard or medium, it allows you to perfectly remove impurities and plaque without damaging your gums. Available in all colors, it can be perfectly combined with the Other accessories of the Bathroom, for a modern or original Decoration , but always controlled.

Scented Toothpaste for a pleasant brushing experience

Impeccable dental hygiene is essential for a beautiful smile. The designers selected by Jane de Boy work hard to create Toothpaste that combine effectiveness and delicate flavours. While strong or sweet mint remains a great classic, some more pronounced or original flavours may surprise you. In terms of quantity, a small dab of toothpaste is more than enough to ensure perfect brushing. Having multiple flavours allows you to vary the pleasures after each meal. You choose the taste of your toothpaste according to your mood or the meal you have just had. Finally, don't forget to change your toothbrush regularly as soon as it shows signs of weakness in the bristles. Thanks to the Jane de Boy selection, brushing your teeth will become a real pleasure. Enjoy new taste experiences with Toothpaste designer toothbrushes and their elegant and refined toothbrushes.

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