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How to adopt the rock chic style?

How to adopt the rock chic style?

Since the dawn of time, rock style has captivated our souls. If the idea of adopting this iconic trend appeals to you, dive into our fashion guide to discover all the pieces you need to master the art of rock style: clothes, accessories, make-up...

Forget everything you think you know about rock style: there are no set rules. The key is to feel good about yourself and express your personality through your choice of clothing. So dare to mix styles, combine classic pieces with more daring elements daring elements, play with colors and textures... In short, have fun!

What is the rock trend?

Since its emergence in the 1950s, rock style has transcended generations generations, making an indelible mark on the world of fashion. Iconic icons such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have not only redefined music, but also influenced fashion trends, creating a powerful powerful cultural movement. Over the years, rock style has evolved, adopting different forms, from rebellious leathers and bold studs to dark hues and iconic iconic accessories.

The rock woman in fashion embodies a bold fusion of rebellious elegance and attitude associated with rock culture. She expresses a nonchalant confidence, a rebellion rebellion against established norms, while remaining rooted in subtle elegance.

Rock style essentials

T-shirt Newtone Woodstock

1. The key pieces of the rock look

Visit Leather jacket

The Leather jacket adds a rebellious touch to any outfit. Choose a classic black Leather jacket for a timeless look, or opt for a bolder hue to make a style statement. With its slim fit, the perfecto is the ideal Leather jacket for a feminine rock look. What's more, the perfecto is a garment that never goes out of style.

We've known about them for years, and love them for their versatility. Whether paired with a printed tee shirt and skinny jeans for a casual look, or worn over a dress for a bold contrast, the perfecto adapts to a variety of styles and occasions.

The rock-print T-shirt

T-shirts printed with slogans or bands are considered essential for a rock look. This is because of its power of bold expression and its deep connection with the rebellious aesthetic associated with rock culture.

Printed T-shirts are easy to pair with a variety of outfits, from ripped jeans to leather pants and skirts. Their versatility makes them a key element in creating casual or more sophisticated looks, while retaining the rock essence. For a more feminine touch, choose an oversized printed tee that can be worn as a dress.

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Faded black skinny jeans

Whether you're going for a punk, grunge, goth or more classic rock 'n' roll look, washed black skinny jeans fit all these subcultures while maintaining an overall rock aesthetic. What's more, washed black skinny jeans are equally suited to daytime and evening wear, making them a practical choice for those who want to rock the look at any time. They can be paired with casual T-shirts during the day and more elegant tops for special occasions.

The plaid shirt

The plaid shirt is an iconic and essential element of an authentic rock look. A symbol of the rebellious aesthetic associated with rock culture, it brings a touch of casualness and bold attitude to any outfit. Versatile and timeless, the plaid shirt adapts perfectly to different rock styles, from casual grunge to classic rock 'n' roll, offering an easy way to assert your individuality in style. Wear it with faded jeans and a pair of boots.

Read on to discover our guide to check prints, and don't miss our tips on how to wear the perfect shirt.

Leather pants

Paired with a printed tee and ankle boots, or with a plaid shirt and a perfecto, leather pants are a versatile element that enable you to create rock looks, asserting your style with confidence and allure. You can or loose-fitting, either way offering a striking contrast to the other pieces of your of your outfit.

2. Rock chic accessories

Rock chic hat
Rock-inspired ring


Wearing sunglasses, especially in bold shapes and distinctive frames, is often frames, is often seen as a sign of attitude and confidence, traits associated with rock style. They add a touch of mystery and inaccessibility to the rock woman. By concealing part of the face, they reinforce the cool, rebellious aura associated with rock culture.

Leather booties

Booties, often associated with sturdy materials like leather, evoke a rebellious, confident aesthetic, perfectly in tune with the attitude characteristic of rock style. What's more, ankle boots generally offer a good level of comfort, making them practical for everyday wear.

If you prefer a look with Sneakers, opt for a pair with a worn-in style. A pair of Sneakers golden goose or Autry will do the trick!

Bold jewelry

The jewels, often imposing and decorative, create a striking contrast with the often dark outfits of the rock style. This contributes to a strong visual impact, drawing attention to the details of the look. Jewelry offers a diversity of styles, from bracelets to rings, from Necklaces to earrings, allowing maximum customization of the rock chic look to suit individual preferences.

  • Opt for dangling earrings adorned with bold details to add a touch of rock glamour.
  • Choose delicate Necklaces with discreet yet distinctive pendants, such as crosses or rock symbols, to add a touch of personality to your outfit.
  • Stack a multitude of different rings in silver or steel with textured details or dark stones to create a rock chic look with subtle yet striking accents.

The hats

Adding a hat to your rock look is more than just an accessory, it's an iconic element that perfectly complements the rebellious aesthetic of rock culture. In addition to character to your look, a hat can also offer protection from the sun or weather sun or weather, combining functionality and style for a complete rock look.

Leather bags

As well as being a practical accessory for carrying your essentials, a leather bag adds a touch of luxury and authenticity to your outfit. Whether it's a sturdy backpack, a casual messenger bag or a stylish shoulder bag, a leather bag complements your rock look, adding a dimension of character and attitude that won't go unnoticed. Opt for metallic details or textured finishes for even greater visual impact, asserting your rock style with confidence.

The colors must-haves of the rock trend

Black is the unmistakable color emblem of rock style. It evokes a dark, rebellious mood and lends a timeless elegance to the rock look.

Beyond black, all dark shades are welcome for a rock look. Gray, for example, pairs well with black, adding a subtle nuance while maintaining the dark aesthetic.

You can also opt for dark red pieces from color . This hue adds bold touches of color without compromising the rock aesthetic. Bordeaux, another deep shade of red, is often associated with passion and intensity. It can be an interesting alternative for adding color while remaining in keeping with the rock style tone.

White can also be used to create striking contrasts. A white T-shirt, for example, can balance a look dominated by dark tones.

Finally, navy blue, especially in pieces such as jeans or jackets, can harmoniously complement a rock look while adding a touch of variation from color.

Make-up for a rock look

Beyond her style of dress, the rock woman can also play with her make-up. make-up. She can opt for eyes marked by dark lines, bold red lips or hairstyles bold red lips or casual hairstyles. Finally, make-up offers freedom of expression, enabling women to create a unique look that reflects the rebellious attitude the rebellious attitude associated with rock culture. However, we advise you to lighten your make-up if your outfit is already quite pronounced.

The bohemian rock trend

Looking to combine bohemian carefreeness with the bold, rebellious touch of rock style? To create this eclectic mix, layer flowing pieces like Long dresses or tunics with more structured elements like leather jackets or patterned blazers. Opt for bold accessories like studded leather ankle boots, distressed silver jewelry or printed scarves to add a touch of character. Ripped jeans, fedora hats and belts with imposing buckles are also key elements in perfecting this style. The key is to play with textures, patterns and contrasts.

How to create a rock look for a wedding?

Creating a rock look for a wedding requires striking a subtle balance between elegance and boldness:

  • For starters, opt for a classic piece such as a fitted dress or suit with a printed T-shirt.
  • Pair your main piece with bolder accessories such as a Leather jacket or a silk scarf printed with rock motifs. Metallic details like studs or chains can add a subtle touch of rebelliousness to your outfit. Don't forget that you're attending a wedding, so it's essential to maintain an understated elegance.
  • Black ankle boots or high heels are an ideal choice to complete your look.
  • Although black is associated with the rock trend, we advise you to keep this color only for shoes and accessories. Remember, you're not at a funeral. When it comes to materials, opt for leather, velvet, denim and satin. These textured fabrics add a rebellious, sophisticated dimension to your look.
In need of inspiration for a successful wedding look? Take a look at our wedding outfit guide.
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