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How to create a successful bohemian look?

How to create a successful bohemian look?

Directly inspired by the hippie period of Woodstock and the 1970s, the bohemian look has become one of the most important fashion trends of recent years. Although it is often associated with the sunny days of summer, a bohemian-chic style can be perfectly composed during the winter season.

Updated 03/07/2024

When you think of the bohemian look, you immediately think of flowing dresses, rich and colourful patterns, thousands of jewels and elegant and neat embroidery. But there's more to the boho look than that. As a true polymorphic trend, it has been able to adapt to the fluctuations of fashion and the different inspirations, so that today, sneakers and dresses with ruffles or a leather perfecto and a colourful skirt are easily combined.

There are of course unavoidable elements in the bohemian look: bangs, colors that remind us of nature and comfortable clothes are pillars of this desirable aesthetic. More than just a retro look, the boho-chic inspiration goes hand in hand with a spirit of time for oneself, contemplation and a gentle, quiet life. Ultimately, embracing the bohemian style is about taking the plunge into a simple and refined life with comfortable and fashionable pieces.

When it comes to bohemian fashion icons, we're inspired by Kate Moss for a touch of glamour, Jane Birkin for a more timeless touch and Janis Joplin for a rocking touch that makes a difference.

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How to create the perfect bohemian look?

The key to (truly) successful bohemian-chic style? Dare to mix materials and inspirations. For example, we don't hesitate to wear this pretty pair of earrings found in an Indonesian boutique with designer clothes and other pieces found here and there. The aim is to create a harmony born of different inspirations that matches our personality.

After the theory, it's time to practice. Here's everything you need to know to create a bohemian look without making a faux pas.

The essential pieces of the bohemian style

Some clothes are inseparable from the bohemian trend. These include pieces made from natural materials such as wool, cotton, leather and silk, which add a delicate touch to your outfit. Here's a list of some of the most important items in the bohemian chic wardrobe:

  • Dresses, whether long or short, straight or with ruffles, in cotton muslin or thicker materials, are a must for bohemian dresses.
  • Cardigans, whether in large or tight knit, loose or close-fitting, will accompany you on your travels.
  • The little tops, whether in jersey or wild silk, tight-fitting or flowing, will fit perfectly in every everyday situation.
  • Denim pieces have a way of going with everything and are easy to wear every day.
  • Jackets, whether denim or leather, fringed or studded, will keep you warm and stylish.

What are the colors of the bohemian trend?

White set with bohemian motifs
Bohemian orange floral dress

Although versatile, the bohemian style blends perfectly with shades of green, brown or more sanguine colors , like pink or orange. The black as for him, is rather rare. We will always prefer a note of color, ideal to bring a chic and vitaminized touch to an outfit.

For the perfect bohemian look, we recommend natural, earthy colors colors that evoke serenity and casual elegance. Opt for hues like beige, off-white, olive green and shades of brown, reminiscent of nature and organic elements.

Touches of colors bright turquoise, burnt orange and brick red add a vibrant, artistic dimension to your outfit. The combination of these colors creates visual harmony while reflecting the free and creative essence of bohemian style.

The importance of cuts and materials

For a boho-chic look without any false notes, you must bet on natural and fluid materials, as well as on wide cuts which will remind you of the spirit of freedom so dear to the bohemian trend. But be careful, betting only on wide cuts is not enough to achieve a bohemian-chic look. The devil is in the detail, so it's essential to build an outfit to structure it so that it perfectly suits your body type. For example:

  • With a long, flowing skirt, choose a top close to the body and a short jacket to create volume. The same goes for flowing trousers.
  • With a short, close-fitting dress, it is quite possible to dare to wear a light, flowing kimono that will add a fashionable touch to your outfit.
  • If you're wearing a flowing dress with ruffles, you can break up the look with a leather or suede perfecto for a boho rock style that borders on perfection.
  • A light, wispy blouse is a perfect match for straight jeans, which will restructure your entire figure.

How to accessorise a bohemian outfit?

Bohemian inspired clogs
Bohemian style ankle boots

Another essential for a successful bohemian style: accessories. They are the finishing touch to a look and add that little extra something. But be careful not to overdo it, because there is a fine line between perfection and too much. If in doubt, follow Coco Chanel's advice that you should always take off the last accessory you put on before leaving the house.

On the accessories side, you can bet without moderation (or almost) on :

  • Jewellery with multiple inspirations that will elegantly dress your ears, your hands or your wrists.
  • Belts, thin or wide, with large buckles, will allow you to create structure on your figure in a snap.
  • Shoes are also an important part of your outfit. For a successful boho-chic look, you can opt for sandals or sneakers that are a little worn.
  • The handbag must also be chosen with care because it is the one that accompanies you every day. There are several schools of thought, from the designer tote bag to the pretty leather bag and the inevitable basket. It's up to you to find what suits you.

3 strong pieces to finish a bohemian look in style

Here are three pieces that will help you give your outfit a bohemian-chic twist.

  • From the panama to the floppy hat, the hat is an indisputable ally of the boho-chic style and is worn with a cleverly tousled head of hair. For an extra touch of daring, personalise it with some jewellery or travel relics. The hat is an accessory to be worn without moderation, whether with a dress or trousers.
  • Clogs are one of those shoes that offer a great fashion signature. Sometimes difficult to tame, they are nonetheless a bohemian style staple. Whether you prefer them with flat heels or high heels, lined for winter or in leather for summer, you can match them with all your outfits without any discomfort.

    Want to know more? Find out how to wear clogs in summer and winter.

  • The scarf is the latest bohemian accessory that you must have in your wardrobe. Whether you wear it on the handle of your bag, as a belt or as a bandana, it is the little detail that will finish your outfit perfectly.

3 ideas for bohemian wedding outfits

#1 The maxi dress, the bohemian style par excellence

Opt for a bohemian maxi dress in earthy tones like beige, olive green or powder pink. Look for dresses with romantic details such as delicate embroidery, floral motifs or ruffles for an extra touch of bohemia. Pair with flat sandals adorned with pearls or tassels for a casual-chic look.

#2 The pantsuit, symbol of the bohemian look

For an alternative to the dress, choose a pantsuit in a light, flowing fabric. Opt for Jumpsuits with bohemian details like ruffles, ethnic prints or delicate cut-outs. Accessorize with silver or color turquoise jewelry and wedge-heeled sandals for a sophisticated bohemian look.

#3 Create a bohemian look with a long skirt and top

Pair a flowing long skirt in pastel shades or floral prints with a bohemian top such as a lace blouse, ruffled shirt or embroidered crop top . Add a braided belt to cinch the waist and complete the look with gladiator sandals or fringed booties for a touch of bohemian style.

Whichever look you choose, pastel or earthy colors are ideal for keeping the wedding look minimal. When it comes to hairstyles, opt for loose braids or natural waves to perfect your bohemian style on that special day.

Afraid of getting it wrong? Don't miss our tips and ideas for finding the perfect wedding outfit.

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