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How to wear pink all year round?

How to wear pink all year round?

You can't escape it: since this summer, pink has been absolutely everywhere. It's available as a complete look from Valentino, and it-girls the world over are reveling in this shocking color , which is no longer just reserved for little girls. While some refer to this trend as Barbiecore, others are more classic and simply call it a total look. But rest assured, the result is the same: wear pink from head to toe without moderation. The only condition: it has to be bright or fuchsia. 

Updated on 20/10/2023

"A Barbie girl, in the Barbie world": a carefree and cheerful trend

This pink trend, adored by Cristobal Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, is for many the very representation of woman and above all one of the most daring colors to wear. And it's a trend that's not about to stop, for while it's particularly in vogue for the autumn-winter season, the latest Fashion Week delightfully proved that it will live on into next spring. We're going to look at life in pink, and we're not going to mind.

However, it is possible that some people get scared at the sight of such bright shades and such elaborate outfits. However, it is not complicated to tame it and to integrate it into everyday life, whether it is by light touches or in total-look version. Don't believe it? Follow the guide.

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How to master the total pink look without making a mistake?

The Valentino show held during the March 2022 Fashion Week made its mark with the presentation of more than 80 looks, pink from head to toe, all on a pink backdrop too. Despite an omnipresent color , the composition displayed a perfect harmony, leaving no room for the slightest trace of overdose.

  • The secret of a successful total look lies in this simple idea: harmony. Instead of monochromatic shades of the same hue, opt for an identical flat tone across the entire silhouette, which will add the fashionable touch to your look.
  • To master the pink look to perfection, it's necessary to choose a shade and stick to it as much as possible.
  • To add a little depth to the look, however, it's a good idea to vary the materials.
  • There are two pieces that make the total look easy: the dress and the jumpsuit. All that's left is to accessorize and you're done.
  • You may depart from the rule for shoes, but stick to black and nothing else. Bringing another color into the look risks unbalancing the composition.
  • If you feel that hot pink is not really a color suitable for your everyday life, try softer shades. The result will be just as fashionable, but more personalized.

How to adopt pink sparingly?

It is true that the total look, beyond the stylistic risk, requires a bit of audacity and control. Fortunately, it is possible to integrate a few touches of colors in your daily looks to adopt this trend.

The secret? Go for a strong piece, like a coat or pants, or go for a more discreet piece to simply nod to the trend.

  • For example, a coat with a sparkling color will finalize your silhouette.
  • The same goes for tailoring. If you don't want to take on an ensemble, simply keep the jacket and pair it with more classic pieces at colors .
  • In a more daring mood? Why not create a fall outfit around a skirt? Beware, it requires a little thought to find the perfect composition, both discreet and trendy.
  • Looking for a color that goes perfectly with pink? Try red, a trendy combination that will help you create a look worthy of the most beautiful fashion shows.
  • The colored sweater is also a great way to bring a little originality to an outfit. Don't hesitate to try several shades to find the one that will best suit your skin tone.
  • The small fashion detail to adopt: pink underwear, which will allow you to integrate discreetly the color to your outfits without doing too much.

Adding a touch of pink to your outfit with accessories

Pink pants and bag
Pink pants and Sneakers

Are pink clothes still uncomfortable? Why not adopt the Barbiecore trend through accessories? The idea is actually very simple to adapt to everyday life, you just have to keep your usual outfits and bring a touch of color to the composition with some small accessories in the right shade. This secret remains the perfect way to make a nod to current trends, without turning all your clothing habits upside down.

  • Did you know that high socks are one of this season's hottest accessories? We like to wear them over tights with a skirt to make them visible.
  • Another trendy accessory: headgear. Whether you're wearing a cap, a bob or a beanie, we've got you covered to protect your head from the cold in style.
  • When it comes to footwear, don't hesitate to adopt this season's favorite hue. Sneakers, clogs, moccasins, you're bound to find a model to suit you.
  • For handbags, shades of pink can also be found in the latest collections. The fashion choice? Opt for a besace, a model at the heart of all trends.

Which colors to match pink with?

Neutral tones

If you're wearing candy, neon or fuchsia pink, it's best to pair color with neutral, basic tones. For example, pink goes perfectly with denim. Whether it's raw denim or sky-blue washed jeans, high-waisted or slim, they go perfectly with pink.

Black is also a smart choice for a less casual, but still very elegant look.

Finally, white and beige are excellent options for subtly highlighting color . You can even succumb to the irresistible combination of fuchsia with a cream shade.

Cool tones

Contrary to popular belief, cool shades such as blue or green go perfectly with pink, especially in pastel shades. Choose a baby blue, almond green or lilac violet.

Warm tones

If your style has become a playground over time, it's time to venture into the world of colors. For example, pink goes perfectly with yellow or orange. This is your chance to let your creativity run wild.

colors to match fuchsia pink

Fuchsia pink is a vibrant and bold color that can be combined with many other shades to create striking Jumpsuits from colors . For a modern, chic look, pair fuchsia pink with neutral tones such as white, gray or beige, which will bring out the vivacity of color. For a more sophisticated ambience, pair it with shades of dark gray or black for an elegant contrast. If you're looking for a more dynamic colors palette, opt for complementary tones such as red, violet or orange for a bold, energetic look.

Focus on our favorite rose: fuchsia

Swimsuit look Autry fushia pink

3 outfit ideas with a fuchsia pink centerpiece

#1 For a refined look with a fuchsia dress

A fuchsia pink dress can be the centerpiece of an elegant, feminine outfit. For a formal occasion, you can opt for a long, flowing fuchsia pink dress, which you pair with nude high heels and silver jewelry for a sophisticated, glamorous look. For a more casual event, a short, fitted fuchsia pink dress can be worn with ballet flats or wedge-heeled sandals, complemented by simple accessories like dangling earrings and a small matching handbag. You could also layer the dress with a blazer or denim jacket for a more casual but still elegant style.

#2 For a casual look with fuchsia pants

Fuchsia pants can be the centerpiece of a vibrant outfit:

  • For a sophisticated look, pair with a white or black blouse and matching high heels.
  • For a casual yet chic outfit, opt for a simple t-shirt and white Sneakers .
  • For a more elegant look, you can also combine fuchsia pants with a floral blouse and pointed-toe pumps for a feminine, dynamic effect.
  • For a touch of contrast, pair it with neutral tones like gray or beige for a balanced look.

#3 For a more assertive look with a fuchsia jacket

For a casual look, we suggest wearing your fuchsia pink jacket with loose-fitting jeans and a white tee. For a more sophisticated option, pair it with a pencil skirt and neutral blouse for a professional, elegant ensemble. At nightfall, you can layer it over a little black dress for an eye-catching effect. Whatever the occasion, a fuchsia pink jacket lets you express your style with confidence and flair.

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