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This spring-summer's colors trends

This spring-summer's colors trends

With summer just around the corner, it's time to sort through your wardrobe and adopt colors the hottest spring-summer trends. From powder pink to mint green, cherry red, cobalt blue and pale yellow, discover the list of hues that will brighten up your wardrobe and let you shine in the spring and summer sunshine! Follow the guide and let yourself be inspired by this spring-summer's leading colors to sublimate your style with panache.

Pastel shades

Deliciously enchanting, pastel shades evoke the lightness of spring and the freshness of summer. These tender colors will add a touch of romance and femininity to your outfits.

Yellow pastel sweatshirt
Top and pastel pink cap

Layette blue: synonymous with softness

The delicate, soothing shade of layette blue evokes the softness of summer nights and the freshness of sunny mornings. Its pastel palette offers a touch of lightness and innocence to outfits, while allowing for incredible versatility.

From renowned designers to fashion influencers, everyone is turning to this refreshing shade to create original looks that are both elegant and casual.

Whether as a total look or in small touches, layette blue is a must-have choice for those seeking a trendy yet timeless aesthetic for the coming season.

Water mint green: to refresh your look

Water mint green is a color fashion favorite for the spring-summer season. This timeless color evokes the freshness of sunny days. Truly soothing, this shade of green blends perfectly with bohemian looks that we adopt without moderation in summer.

To take things a step further, discover how to create the perfect bohemian chic look.

Millennial pink: a touch of cheerfulness

Available in flowing dresses, elegant suits and eye-catching accessories, millennial pink adds a fresh, feminine touch to any summer outfit. This trendy pink embodies both delicacy and confidence. As soon as spring arrives, we leave the ultra-bright Barbie pink behind for this more delicate, lighter and softer shade.

To find out more, discover our tips for wearing pink even in winter, so you can dare to wear this beautiful color all year round.

Peach Fuzz: color pantone

This year, Pantone Color Institute has declared Peach Fuzz the color must-have color for spring-summer. There's no better way to add a touch of softness to your summer wardrobe than with this subtle, refined shade. From casual chic to sophisticated looks, this shade brings a touch of modernity to all your outfits.

Opt for light, airy pieces in this bewitching hue and brighten up your style. A versatile shade with a second-skin effect, it guarantees a look that's both light and subtly sensual. Be seduced by a bag, an ensemble or even a skirt in this enchanting peach hue and adopt a fashion-forward look!

Pale yellow: to brighten up your style

Rivaling white and evoking the arrival of fine weather, pale yellow makes its presence felt as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear. The best way to wear it? Pair it with other light shades like white or beige to create a harmonious ensemble. This delicate shade subtly adds color without ever appearing bland.

Lilac: color star of the season

Lilac, a soft hue that invites us to take a break. It's the perfect choice for those who want to adopt an understated yet colorful look. color Pantone for Spring/Summer 2022, lilac continues to shine as a must-have color this season. Its popularity is probably due to its versatility. It's a color that's both soft and original, and can be worn in all shapes and sizes: bags, shoes, tops, blazers...

Vibrant shades

Dive into a whirlwind of bright, vibrant colors . Bright and bold, these colorful hues are the very expression of joy and vitality.

Poppy red dress
Orange one-piece jersey

Cherry red: a seductive look guaranteed

A symbol par excellence of passion, red continues to gain ground on the fashion catwalks. To accentuate its seductive allure, don't hesitate to adopt it as a total look, from head to toe. color This season's key color, cherry red, takes pride of place this year, particularly on leather pieces: bags, moccasins, skirts, pumps, jackets and much more. What's more, cherry red is versatile and blends easily with other colors, allowing you to create a variety of on-trend looks. By opting for cherry red pieces, you can make a stylish statement while staying in tune with the times.

Cobalt blue: a deep hue

This intense shade of blue is at its best in total looks, and this is how the great designers suggest we wear it. A dazzling color that's attracting more and more attention on the streets. We've reserved an important place for it in our wardrobe for the seasons to come, and we're rushing to wear it by the sea.

If you don't yet dare to go for a total look, this bold color is versatile and can easily be combined with other shades to create striking looks. This shade of blue goes perfectly with black, mustard yellow or grey. What's more, cobalt blue is flattering on many skin tones, making it a timely choice.

Orange: full of pep

Orange is a bright, energetic color that evokes warmth and vitality, making it a perfect choice for this season. It's a versatile color that can be adapted to different styles and occasions, whether it's a casual look for a sunny day at the beach or a more sophisticated outfit for a summer evening over cocktails.

What's more, orange is color suitable for a wide variety of skin tones, making it an accessible option for everyone. By wearing pieces from color orange, you'll add a touch of vibrancy and good humor to your summer wardrobe, allowing you to stand out with style and confidence.

colors neutral

Join the minimalist movement and turn to the elegance of neutral shades. The best option for staying fashionable without making style mistakes.

Jeans, blouse and black hat
White and navy blue dresses

Black: color fashion that follows us through the seasons

Surprisingly, even in hot weather, black is still easy to wear. It's always been a bad idea to wear black during the summer months, as it captures all the warmth, but why not adopt it on cooler evenings? Black remains timeless through all seasons, always conferring timeless elegance on the wearer.

White: a touch of purity

Opting for white outfits during the summer season is naturally irresistible. Versatile and timeless, white is prized for its ability to sublimate our tanned complexion. What's more, this hue is the ideal backdrop for incorporating brighter touches of colors into your summer look, adding a touch of radiance and vivacity to your style.

Beige: a soothing shade

Subtle and sophisticated, beige is a neutral hue that can be combined with all kinds of colors. In fact, beige goes just as well with pastel shades as it does with the season's bright colors . What's more, beige evokes a relaxed summer mood and adds a touch of lightness to your wardrobe. Whether through classic pieces like trench coats or chinos, or through accessories like bags and shoes, beige is a perfect choice for creating refined, chic outfits, while remaining comfortable and cool on sunny days.

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