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How to wear tailored pants to perfection?

How to wear tailored pants to perfection?

A symbol of elegance and power, tailored pants have become a fashion staple in contemporary wardrobes. Now much more than just a formal piece, they can be adapted to any occasion, from the office to more casual events. Dive into our guide and learn how to incorporate tailored pants with style and confidence into your daily routine.

The different types of women's tailored pants

High-waisted pants

Thanks to their flattering cut, high-waisted pants elongate the silhouette and elegantly emphasize the waist. Versatile and timeless, these pants are perfect for every occasion, from the office to a chic evening out. Pair them with a fitted shirt for a professional look, or with a crop top for a casual, on-trend look.

Wide-leg suit pants

Wide-leg suit pants are characterized by a loose fit through the legs. Unlike traditional, more fitted cuts, wide leg trousers offer a relaxed, elegant style. Appreciated for their comfort and ability to flatter different body shapes, they are a must-have for every modern wardrobe. To integrate wide-leg pants into your outfit, opt for a monochrome ensemble- always a winning option. This approach significantly enhances your silhouette, especially when accompanied by a contrasting accessory to highlight the waist or collar, for example.

Cigarette pants

With their slim fit and elegant silhouette, these pants offer a chic, sophisticated look for any occasion. Versatile and easy to wear, they pair perfectly with high heels for a touch of glamour or Sneakers for a casual look.

Tailored pants with darts

A pair of tailored pants with darts is characterized by the presence of specific pleats, called darts, located below the waistband and created by an internal seam. Traditionally, these pleats are used to adjust pants, usually to narrow them at the waist. However, over time, darts have also become a stylistic element in their own right, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to tailoring ensembles.

What to wear suit pants with?

Jacket or blazer

The blazer/jacket and suit trouser set trend emphasizes the combination of coordinated pieces to create an elegant, sophisticated look. There's a growing trend for ensembles that include a blazer paired with pants, or even a vest, creating a complete ensemble in a three-piece suit style. This approach offers visual harmony and consistency throughout the outfit, while allowing great versatility in Jumpsuits. This trend offers a classic, timeless look, while allowing for variations and modern interpretations according to individual preferences.

The shirt

Pairing a shirt with suit pants is a must for a refined, polished look. This combination allows you to play with colors, patterns and textures to achieve different styles, suitable for different occasions. A classic white shirt adds a touch of timeless sophistication when paired with suit pants, ideal for formal or professional events. For a more casual look, a striped or patterned shirt can be matched with plain suit pants from color , creating a balance between elegance and modernity.

The T-shirt

Opting for a quality, well-fitting T-shirt, preferably in plain color or with a discreet pattern, can bring a chic casual dimension to the ensemble. Graphic or message T-shirts can be paired with suit pants for a contemporary, urban look. It's advisable to choose suit pants with a modern, tailored cut to balance out the casual side of the T-shirt.

The turtleneck sweater

Wearing a turtleneck with tailored pants is an elegant, modern way of revisiting the classic suit to create a sophisticated, contemporary look. The turtleneck adds a touch of warmth and comfort while maintaining a chic, professional look. A cashmere or fine wool turtleneck can be perfectly matched with tailored pants for an elegant and comfortable office look. For an extra touch of glamour, opt for a metallic or sequined turtleneck paired with black tailored pants for a sophisticated evening look.

Accessories for the ultimate tailored pants outfit

The shoes

Tailored pants Autry
Tailored pants Diadora

Finding the right shoes to go with women's tailored pants is essential to perfecting your outfit.

  • For a professional look, opt for classic high-heeled pumps that elongate the silhouette and add a touch of elegance.
  • For a more casual look, loafers bring comfort and style without sacrificing sophistication.
  • Heeled booties are a versatile option that pair perfectly with tailored pants, adding a modern, on-trend touch to your ensemble.
  • For a bold look, Sneakers can add a touch of casual chic to your office attire.

In short, whether you opt for classic pumps or trendy Sneakers , choosing the right shoes with tailored pants can transform your look into a polished style suitable for any occasion.

The jewels

The choice of jewelry is essential to enhance your look:

  • For a professional, sophisticated look, opt for discreet, refined jewelry such as dangling earrings or pearls.
  • For a touch of glamour, delicate bracelets or an elegant watch can complete your ensemble perfectly.
  • For a monochrome look, opt for strong pieces.
  • Don't forget to choose pieces that match the style and color of your tailored pants for a coherent, chic look.

To find out more: How to match your jewelry to your outfits?


The scarf can be added to your outfit in several different ways:

  • Replace your belt with a scarf and tie it around your waist. This trick adds a feminine touch to your suit pants.
  • You can also wear your scarf as a scarf, tying it delicately around your neck. This option adds a touch of color or pattern to your outfit and can be adjusted according to the weather.
  • Use your scarf as a headband or accessory to tie back your hair. This adds a touch of retro style and sophistication to your look while maintaining a chic, professional allure.
  • Finally, you can tie your scarf around the handles of your handbag to add a touch of color and texture to your ensemble. This creates a visual harmony between your outfit and your accessories.
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