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Par Coeur

Childhood friends who know each other... by heart, in fact: Elisa Weygand and Camille Goutard, driven by a shared passion for jewellery, fashion and decorative arts in general, launched their women's jewellery brand Par Coeur. Their artisanal know-how gives birth to pieces with delicate lines, sketched in silver and vermeil, and entirely made in France. The creations have an incredible charm, with medals hand-stamped with motifs inspired by ancient punches and original designs, where these former collaborators of India Mahdavi and Jérôme Dreyfuss reveal a precious and elegant delicacy. The Par Coeur jewel can be worn alone or in combination, for a sure-fire hit.
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The jewellery collection Par Coeur

Made in France, Par Coeur jewelry for women reveals unique creations with delicate lines. Original designs, antique hallmarks and stamped medals enhance each piece offered by the company. Passionate about their work and anxious to finally fulfill a childhood dream, the two designers have never stopped revolutionizing the world of jewelry through Necklaces or medals with incredible charm. The collection is above all modern and avant-garde, in order to reconcile beauty and elegance, with a touch of nostalgia. Like amulets worn as souvenirs of past vacations, the medals are real good luck charms that can be worn proudly alone or in an accumulation. The raw materials are handcrafted to bring out all their quintessence. This unique dexterity can be seen on all Women's jewelry Par Coeur stamped with antique hallmarks and original motifs. Most of the designs are new to the brand, created exclusively for each model. The silver, vermeil and gold are cut in the purest of ways to bring singularity and strength to the model. More than a simple piece of jewelry, the Par Coeur jewel is a true work of art, a philosophy of life, that one chooses according to one's mood, one's desire and one's personal journey. One's love affair with the elegance and finesse of these creations is often inevitable. Singular, refined and customizable, these jewels are declined according to the event and the person for whom they are intended. The necklaces and Necklaces enhance the brightness of a blouse, a top or a knitted sweater to bring that little touch of exoticism. With the diversity of jewelry Par Coeur, art is put at the service of fashion to sublimate each of your outfits and accompany you every day. A special date, a romantic evening or a day at work, the jewelry for women Par Coeur set the tone and subtly reveal your personality and your wildest desires.

Buying jewellery Par Coeur

Delicacy, finesse and originality intermingle for a surprising and sparkling result. The fairy fingers of these outstanding designers work tirelessly to offer ever more surprising creations. And it is not uncommon to fall in love with a particular model, because it tells a story, it evokes the past, it reminds one's childhood. The emotion is there, the heart is racing, the rhythm is panicking. These friends, who are passionate about decorative art and jewelry, express their know-how with materials of a rare exception. The purchase of Par Coeur jewelry for women allows you to reveal your personality with pieces that make you unique and with which you identify yourself completely. The jewelry collection reflects the passion and expertise of these goldsmiths through unique and refined rings, bracelets, Necklaces or medals. The medals Travel are a real ode to vacations, a souvenir that you can take with you after a few days of idleness with your best friend. The Necklaces Par Coeur medals will enhance a top or a knitted sweater, for a shopping day or a business meeting. The medals are made with respect to the ancient techniques of engraving, which gives them a certain singularity. The past and the present come together in a unique creation. To buy a jewel Par Coeur, it is to have the certainty to carry a piece of exception. Offering a necklace Par Coeur allows to tell a story and to awaken the senses with an evocative drawing, a place, an encounter. These jewels evoke the passing of time and will go through each stage of your life. For all those who love the most beautiful and pure things, the Necklaces and Par Coeur pendants will complete your wardrobe. Easy to match with a casual or a more sophisticated outfit, these jewels will reflect your personality and your mood. Need a vacation, want to get away? Say it loud and clear with medals from around the world. Love is running amok and you want the whole world to know it. A simple LOVE will make all the difference. With their finesse, these jewels will be the extension of your emotions for a day, an evening or, who knows, a lifetime.


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