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You'll love Manucurist, the brand of Nail polish eco-responsible products made in France. 19 years of expertise in the world of manicure condensed into a range of products with a crazy charm, for the smallest as well as the largest, with intense and long-lasting colors . We will particularly remember the Green range of Manucurist, launched in 2017, composed of up to 84% of natural origin, vegan and cruelty free, where chemical components are proudly replaced by cassava, sugar cane or even ... potato. Natural, made in France, and simply beautiful. What more could you ask for?

Frequently asked questions about the brand Manucurist

  • Where does the brand Manucurist come from?

    Manucurist is above all a family story. That of Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz, who succeeds her mother, founder of the institutes Manucurist in 1996. At the head of the company since 2015, she committed the brand to a responsible beauty approach. Two years later, she created the Green de Manucurist range. Her wish? To offer women clean and green Nail polish for hands at top .

  • Where are the varnishes made Manucurist ?

    All Manucurist varnishes are made in France, with respect for the planet.

  • What is the difference between the Green and Green Flash range from Manucurist ?

    The Green range includes Nail polish classics made from natural ingredients. Green Flash nail polishes are the first semi-permanent nail polishes made from bio-based ingredients, which can be removed like nail polish. They last up to 10 days and are gentle on your nails and your health.

  • How to apply your varnish Manucurist ?

    Here are our tips for a successful varnish application Manucurist .

    • To ensure that the Green Flash nail polish lasts, it is recommended that you prepare your nails by degreasing them with a mild nail polish remover.
    • Essential step for an optimal manicure: protect your nails with a base coat. For the Green Flash application, catalyse your nails for 2 minutes under the UV lamp provided for this purpose.
    • Apply 2 thin coats of your varnish from colors. Allow to dry well between the two applications. If you have opted for Green Flash, you should catalyze under the lamp for 2 minutes each time.
    • Give your nails a final touch of shine with a coat of top coat. For Green Flash, leave your nails under the lamp for 3 minutes.
  • How to remove your varnish Manucurist ?

    To remove your nail polish Manucurist (Green or Green Flash), simply use cotton pads soaked in mild nail polish remover. Place each cotton pad on your nails and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. When you remove the cotton pads, the nail polish should come off easily. You can repeat the operation if there is still some base.

    As a reminder, Green Flash nail polishes are the first semi-permanent nail polishes that can be removed like a classic nail polish.

  • How to store your varnish Manucurist ?

    To keep your Manucurist varnishes in the best possible condition, we advise you to keep them away from light and in a cool place. The best place is the refrigerator! Indeed, the cold limits the evaporation of the varnish and allows a longer conservation. Also make sure to close the nail polish immediately after use.

    If you find that your Green Flash semi-permanent is becoming too thick, you can use Green Flash thinner to thin it out. This will give it a second life.

  • Are Manucurist products natural?

    The varnish ranges Manucurist are made up of 84% natural ingredients. Specifically, the Green and Green Flash nail polishes are made from potatoes, wheat, manioc, cotton, corn and sugar cane. Enriched with coconut oil and bamboo extract, they hydrate and strengthen your nails.

  • Are Manucurist products clean?

    The formulas of Manucurist are respectful of the environment and your health. The brand meticulously selects its natural ingredients to replace toxic components, allergens and endocrine disruptors.

  • Are Manucurist products vegan?

    Because ethics are at the heart of the brand's values Manucurist, no product is made from animal ingredients. All the varnishes are vegan and not tested on Pets.


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