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How to wear the tropezienne this summer?

How to wear the tropezienne this summer?

As soon as the sun and the sunny days start to shine, all we want to do is renew our wardrobe and find the perfect shoes that we will want to wear all season long. In the category of sandals, two camps are opposed, both on the side of men and women: the one of comfortable sandals, like Birkenstock and Bosabo, and the one who swears by the Tropezian sandals. Mythical shoes that remind us of the great era of Saint-Tropez and Brigitte Bardot, the Tropezian sandals smell of vacations and Provence. Transgenerational and unisex, these shoes have crossed the ages and represent the perfect sandals that we like to wear all summer, whether to go to the beach or the market. In the world of footwear, one brand is a model and has established itself as the reference in terms of tropezienne shoes. K.Jacques has been providing shoes for men and women in search of comfort and elegance during the summer months since 1933.

Updated 04/07/2024

Origin and heritage of the tropezienne

It was in 1927 that this mythical shoe was designed, in the small streets of the village of St.Tropez. Initially created by the Rondini company, this flat sandal was soon emulated and everyone - from Marlene Dietrich to the local baker - wanted a pair made in Saint-Tropez.

Praised for their solidity and comfort, these shoes have crossed the ages allowing creative minds to reinvent, again and again, this timeless sandal model. Today, the taste for beautiful materials, sturdiness and above all, comfort remain from the original shoe. The fashion touch has undoubtedly been added with time, the collections have been enriched with models to the thousand colors for each woman can find a shoe to her foot.

Playsuit Modetrotter and sandals K.Jacques
Shorts Pearl and sandals K.Jacques

K.Jacquesthe iconic brand of tropezienne shoes

In the great family of historical manufacturers of tropezienne, we obviously find the brand K.Jacques. Created in Saint Tropez in 1933, the house has also perpetuated the tradition of these emblematic shoes by adding that ''one-need-to-know-what'' that has seduced every woman.

Everyone wants K.Jacques and that is normal. The shoes are both qualitative and comfortable, the collections offer a wide selection of styles and inspirations, so that everyone can find something to suit them. The style has been so well worked out that sandals K.Jacques are no longer only reserved for vacations or the seaside. It is quite possible to wear them in town, from the first heat of the year.

How to wear the tropezienne by the sea?

Ideally suited for the summer season, the tropezian shoes are the perfect barefoot shoes to accompany you during all your peregrinations by the sea. Easy to put on, they are also very solid thanks to the quality of the leather straps.

Over time, many models for women have come to enrich the collections. In addition to the traditional spartan shoes, models with impeccable fashion signatures such as mules and versions with wedge heels have been added to the offer, so much so that today, we don't really know where to start. However, this variety of styles allows for many different looks and creative possibilities, so that you can create a myriad of silhouettes from just one pair of shoes.

  • If you're investing in your first pair of tropezian sandals, it's best to go for a classic and timeless model so you can wear them indefinitely. So choose a flat sandal model, in camel or black tones.
  • The summer spirit of these sandals allows us to create light and colorful outfits and it is even more valid if you have set your heart on a classic model.
  • For women, the tropezian shoes go perfectly with shorts, skirts and even large dresses with ruffles in the bohemian spirit.
  • If you have succumbed to a model a little more worked, it is good manners to play the sobriety with the rest of the outfit: a well cut jean shorts and a nice printed tee shirt will do the trick.
  • For accessories, choose a beautiful basket to create a Tropezian spirit that fits perfectly with the summer atmosphere.

How to wear tropezian shoes in the city?

Delightfully versatile shoes, it is quite possible to wear tropezian shoes in the city as soon as the sunny days arrive. But beware, it is easy to fall into a too casual spirit. That's why it is necessary, beforehand, to think about the different associations that can be made with flat sandals to wear them in town and even to go to work.

Obviously, sobriety is the order of the day, the idea being not to give the impression that you're longing for vacation. But with a little thought and know-how, tropezian shoes can become a true fashion ally in your daily life.

  • First of all, it is essential to give your feet a little trip to the pedicurist so that they are impeccable, this will avoid looking neglected.
  • We bet on timeless pieces, but it is possible to succumb for models a little more worked, with studs for example, for a more dressed effect.
  • Tropezian shoes go perfectly with pants. Choose the slightly short on the ankle to highlight your feet. For the type of pants, let your desires speak: straight jeans, black or white linen pants, cargo pants ... It's up to you.
  • For the top, choose a classic tee-shirt or a light shirt.
  • As far as accessories are concerned, wear the ones you like the most, as long as they don't look too dressy. A pretty bag with bangs, a tote bag a little worked, let speak your desires.

Can we wear tropezian shoes in the evening?

It is quite possible to wear tropeziennes after dark. It is however preferable to reserve them for summer evenings, on city barges or on seaside straw huts. For a successful composition, you just have to opt for beautiful pieces with a summer spirit to create a successful look, which fits perfectly with the spirit of summer.

  • Choose flat or wedge heels, depending on your outfit and your mood.
  • For an immediate fashion effect, choose a pretty dress with a bohemian style, with bright colors and a perfect fit.
  • For the accessories, a pretty evening clutch, in raffia or in skin according to your outfit.
  • As a final touch, choose some small colored jewels to add a little originality to your look.

What accessories to wear with tropeziennes?

Black maxi dress and Tropezian sandals
Leather Tropezian sandals

Tropéziennes are versatile shoes that lend themselves to many Jumpsuits with accessories to complete your summer look.

  • For a day at the beach, complement your tropéziennes with a stylish straw hat and a pair of oversized sunglasses for a casual, protective look. A canvas or raffia beach bag adds a practical and stylish touch, perfect for carrying your essentials while staying true to the summer vibe.
  • When out on the town, choose accessories that accentuate the sophisticated character of Tropéziennes. A matching leather belt can add a coordinating touch to a casual outfit with shorts or a skirt. Opt for dangling earrings or slender bracelets for an elegant, minimalist look that perfectly complements tropeziennes with heels or slender straps.
  • For a summer evening, opt for accessories that enhance your chic look. A metallic or beaded clutch or small handbag goes beautifully with rhinestone or shiny patterned tropeziennes. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold jewelry such as Necklaces or voluminous rings.

Finally, don't forget that less is often more: avoid overloading your look with too many accessories to allow your Tropeziennes to remain the centerpiece of your outfit.

Cleaning tropeziennes: care tips

To keep your tropeziennes looking beautiful and feeling comfortable all summer long, it's essential to take good care of them. Start by protecting them before you even wear them, by applying a waterproofing spray suitable for leather or fabric, which will help repel water and stains.

If your tropéziennes are made of leather, nourish them with a suitable balm or cream to maintain their suppleness and prevent cracking. For fabric trolleys, hand-cleaning with a soft brush and a little mild detergent may be necessary. Avoid immersing them completely in water.

Finally, to maintain the shape of your tropeziennes and avoid warping, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use shoe trees or stuff them lightly with tissue paper to maintain their shape when not in use.

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