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How to wear Sneakers ?

How to wear Sneakers ?

Sneakers are much more than just a pair of shoes. A symbol of style, comfort and versatility, these iconic shoes have conquered urban streets and fashion catwalks the world over. Whether you're a streetwear enthusiast looking for the ultimate fashion accessory or a sporty style enthusiast looking for comfort, Sneakers high-tops offer a multitude of options to suit all tastes. Discover our tips for wearing Sneakers high heels with flair and confidence.

Which pair of Sneakers high heels to choose?

Look with Sneakers  Diadora
Look with Sneakers  Golden Goose

Above all, choose a pair of Sneakers that matches your personal style. If you prefer a casual look, choose Sneakers canvas high tops in neutral colors colors such as white, black or gray. For a bolder style, opt for Sneakers in bright colors or with original patterns. Make sure the Sneakers you choose are comfortable to wear. Check the quality of the materials and make sure they offer good support and cushioning for your feet.

If you don't already have Sneakers high heels, it's best to choose a versatile pair of Sneakers high heels that can be worn with a variety of different outfits. Play it easy, opting for neutral colors and simple designs that will adapt easily to your existing wardrobe.

Consider the occasion for which you'll be wearing your Sneakers high heels. If you're looking for a pair for everyday use, opt for Sneakers casual and comfortable high heels. If you need a pair for special or professional occasions, choose more elegant and sophisticated Sneakers high heels.

What jeans to wear with Sneakers high heels?

To show off your pair of Sneakers , it's essential to choose specific denim cuts that will highlight these iconic shoes.

  • Slim or skinny jeans hug the leg and allow shoes to stand out.
  • Tapered jeans also offer a stylish option, with a looser fit through the hips and thighs, but tightening towards the bottom, highlighting your Sneakers.
  • Boyfriend jeans, with their relaxed, slightly loose fit, are also an interesting option, creating a casual, modern contrast.
  • Finally, bootcut jeans, which widen slightly at the bottom, add a vintage, retro touch that perfectly complements the style of Sneakers high jeans. This is the ideal option for approaching Sneakers high, this cut of jeans discreetly reveals the pair without revealing all of it.

By choosing from these denim cuts, you can create a variety of elegant looks that will show off your Sneakers with style and panache.

4 look ideas with high heels Sneakers

Sneakers black Autry ankle boots
Sneakers red Autry boots

#1 The perfect everyday look

For an everyday look, opt for suede high-top sneakers in a neutral shade, such as beige. Pair them with skinny jeans to show off your pair. Complete your outfit with a flowing top or basic T-shirt for a comfortable look. To add a touch of urban elegance, opt for minimalist jewelry that complements your outfit without weighing it down. Finally, finish your look with a structured handbag for a touch of chic and practicality, perfect for navigating city streets in style.

#2 Create a chic look with high Sneakers

Looking for a chic, on-trend look with high-top sneakers? Start by choosing a sober pair of color with metallic details for a sophisticated touch. Pair them with suit pants and a matching blazer jacket to complete your look. To finish in style, opt for a quality bag to add a touch of luxury, and maximalist jewelry for a bold, glamorous look. With this look, you combine comfort and elegance, and are ready to face any occasion with confidence and style.

#3 The athleisure trend

Athleisure style is an obvious choice when it comes to Sneakers . Opt for Sneakers white leather high-tops for a touch of sporty sophistication. Pair them with comfortable jogging pants for a casual, on-trend silhouette. Complete your outfit by layering an oversized white tee-shirt over the joggers for a casual, modern effect. Add a baseball cap and sunglasses for a final sportswear touch, perfect for athletic style.

To find out more: What is the athleisure trend?

#4 Adopt a bohemian chic style with high heels Sneakers

A bohemian chic look can easily be achieved by pairing your Sneakers high heels with a loose-fitting dress. Choose a flowing floral-print dress, ideal for the warmer, brighter seasons. For a more chic effect, opt for a lace or silk dress, to add a touch of femininity. When it comes to footwear, Sneakers canvas boots in earthy tones such as khaki or beige are the way to go. Finally, add a felt hat, beaded bracelets and a pair of round sunglasses to complete this boho style.

To find out more about the bohemian chic look, discover all our tips for adopting this trend.

Last but not least, Sneakers, whether low or high, are undoubtedly the most widespread and versatile pair of shoes of our time. Their popularity continues to grow, as they offer not only comfort and practicality, but also style and individuality. Sneakers high-tops in particular add a unique touch to any outfit, whether it's a casual look or a more daring one. They will remain an essential part of our modern wardrobe for years to come.

Take a look at our complete guide to what to wear with your favorite Sneakers .

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