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How to wear a sleeveless sweater

How to wear a sleeveless sweater

A new wardrobe staple, the sleeveless sweater is emerging as a favorite choice for fashion enthusiasts during the transition between seasons. Whether oversized, crop, chunky or patterned, this garment has reinvented itself over time to become a true mainstay of the retro-chic aesthetic, making its mark in a variety of styles. Its versatility makes it an ideal companion, lending itself perfectly to the art of layering and providing an ideal backdrop for creative expression. Discover all our tips for wearing and harmonizing the sleeveless sweater with a multitude of outfits effortlessly.

Layering: the fashion trend for layering

Haven't you heard of layering? This practice, also known as layering, involves wearing several layers of clothing on top of each other to create a complex, dimensional look. Layering can be used to adapt to different seasons, by layering light garments for summer or warmer pieces for winter. Just what we need to create the ultimate sleeveless sweater outfit!

Finding the perfect piece to wear with a sleeveless sweater

Crop sweatshirt
Blue and white sleeveless sweater

To layer your sleeveless sweater to perfection, turn to one of these pieces:

A plain shirt

Pairing a plain shirt with a sleeveless sweater is the perfect marriage of elegance and comfort. The shirt brings a touch of refinement and structure to the ensemble, while the sleeveless sweater adds a casual, modern dimension. The absence of sleeves enhances the details of the shirt, whether a particularly chic collar or a vibrant color . What's more, this combination offers great layering freedom, allowing you to play with textures and cuts to create a unique, sophisticated look, whether for a day at the office or a casual outing with friends.

A T-shirt

Opting for a short- or long-sleeved tee under a sleeveless sweater is a clever way to play with layers and create a versatile, on-trend look. By choosing a short-sleeved tee, you can add a casual touch to your outfit, ideal for warmer days. Conversely, a long-sleeved tee provides an extra sense of warmth, ideal for cooler seasons. Unlike a shirt, a tee offers the possibility of composing a style that's both sporty and chic.

A bralette

For a sexier look, we reveal a delicate bralette under our sleeveless sweater. Indeed, on warm days, a sleeveless sweater on its own can be a comfortable and stylish option. All you need to do is choose the right undergarment, pair it with jeans or a skirt, and you're all set!

A dress

Layering a dress under a sleeveless sweater creates a visually interesting effect that adds a touch of femininity to a casual look. What's more, mixing formal and informal elements in an outfit creates a dynamic style contrast. The combination of a shirt dress, for example, often considered formal, with a casual sleeveless sweater creates an ultra-trendy look.

A sleeveless sweater for a casual look

Sleeveless sweaters can be adapted to suit your style. For example, to create a casual look with a sleeveless sweater:

  • Start by choosing comfortable, fitted jeans. You can also choose denim shorts, weather permitting.
  • Pair it with a basic tee for a simple, streamlined look.
  • Then opt for a pair of colorful Sneakers , in the same tones as your sweater, for a casual, urban style.
  • Choose a sleeveless sweater with writing or patterns to add a touch of personality to your outfit.

Create a more formal look

This time, if you're looking for a dressier but just as original outfit, the sleeveless sweater may be the ideal choice:

  • Start by choosing a classic, well-fitting shirt, preferably in a neutral color or one that matches your sleeveless sweater.
  • Pair it with elegant, well-cut suit pants.
  • Then opt for high-heeled ankle boots to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.
  • To complete your look, add discreet but refined jewelry, like earrings or a delicate bracelet.
  • Finally, choose a quality, plain sleeveless sweater in a color that complements the rest of your outfit.

The monochrome trend with a sleeveless cardigan

To create a monochromatic look with a sleeveless sweater, the goal is to choose a single color or similar shades for your entire outfit. Shades of white, gray, black or beige are classic choices that work well for a monochromatic look. For a bolder effect, you can opt for bright colors like red, blue or green, but make sure they're consistent throughout the outfit. Make sure the sleeveless sweater is the same color or a similar shade as the other pieces in your outfit, and complement with accessories in the same colors palette.

Find out more: 4 rules for a successful monochrome look.

Choosing the right collar for a sleeveless sweater

The choice of collar for your sleeveless sweater will depend on your personal preferences and the style you're looking for.

  • The round neck offers a balanced silhouette and is often preferred for a casual, classic look.
  • The V-neck is flattering for those with a round face or a fuller bust. It elongates the neck and creates a sleeker silhouette. It's also a popular choice for a more sophisticated look.
  • The stand-up collar, also known as the funnel neck, offers extra coverage around the neck. It's ideal for cooler days and adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.
  • The boat neck, which widens over the shoulders, is a feminine and elegant option. It highlights the décolleté and can be perfect for a more chic, refined look.

What material to choose for a sleeveless sweater?

When choosing materials for a sleeveless sweater, it's essential to consider both comfort and functionality. Popular options include cotton for its lightness, perfect for warmer seasons. Wool is an excellent option for colder months, offering warmth and comfort. Fiber blends such as cotton-polyester or wool-acrylic can combine the benefits of different materials, offering a balance between comfort and ease of care. Finally, for those looking for sustainable options, natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen or merino wool can be wise choices, offering both quality and respect for the environment.

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