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Can gold and silver jewelry be worn together?

Can gold and silver jewelry be worn together?

There are certain debates that are sometimes real headaches: can you wear black with navy blue? Are leggings only for sports or not? And finally, can you afford to wear gold and silver jewellery together? If all fantasies are allowed, there is obviously a right way to do it. Here's how to be on top of the trend without making a mistake.

As is often the case, preconceived ideas are based on old style conventions that are no longer relevant. The perfect example is black and navy blue, with Yves Saint Laurent proving time and again that it is possible to combine the two in style. The same goes for mixing metals: for a long time, mixing gold and silver in the same outfit was considered a cruel lack of taste.

But today, everything has changed and we like to associate gold and silver on our wrists (but with caution).

Wearing gold with silver: a bold combination

Thanks to Cartier who, in 1924, shattered conventions by offering, for the first time, a ring combining several shades of gold: the Trinity ring. This creation marked a turning point in the small world of jewellery. If up until then, people avoided combining metals to avoid errors of taste, Cartier laid the cards on the table and opened up a whole new field of possibilities.

Since then, jewellery houses and other great jewellers have shaken up the codes to propose the most incredible combinations, shaping trends in the process.

For a few years, the associations are good tone. The fashionistas of France and Navarre are having fun mixing jewels, superimposing Necklaces and bracelets according to their mood to create unique associations that bring the final touch to their outfits. In their mixtures, no unity, on the contrary: they have fun varying the metals to find the most flashy or delicate harmonies. The only watchword? Boldness.

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The golden rule, that of the odd number

While it's fashionable to throw out rules and conventions, some can be very useful, especially when venturing into new trendy territory. For example, there is a rule that jewellery should always be worn in odd numbers, to create a subtle imbalance that prevents you from turning into a perfectly symmetrical Christmas tree.

This rule of odd numbers, which will save you many a faux pas, is a valuable guideline when it comes to looking for new combinations. For example, for bracelets, it is advisable to limit yourself to two shades of metal and to work with an odd number of bracelets: 2 gold and 3 silver (or the reverse). This subtle mix is the detail that will add a real fashion touch to your combination.

This rule is also valid for the associations and the accumulations of rings or Necklaces. For the rings, we will privilege 1 or 3 fingers adorned with a jewel and for the Necklaces, we will have fun to marry 3 or 5 to approach the perfection.

The secret of a successful mix and match

While it is important to follow your desires, there are a few essential points that must be respected to create a perfectly functioning combination of metals.

  • Choose a style of jewellery: To create a harmonious combination, it is essential to choose jewellery that is more or less in the same style. By creating a point of concordance through style, mixing materials will not be a problem.
  • Define beforehand which piece will be the strongest: if you want to work on the combination in accumulation, you can choose to mix a lot of fine and delicate pieces or choose an emblematic jewel, with a strong signature and work delicately around it. For example, an imposing silver ring will go perfectly with light gold bracelets (and vice versa). In the end, it's all a question of balance.
  • Find the right mix: although it is sometimes tempting to accumulate as many pieces as possible with colors and various metals, it is essential to find the right mix that will not make you look like a jeweler's window. Thus, two colors of metals are preferred to avoid overdoing it. As for the number of jewels, this can vary depending on your outfit, its degree of complexity and the detail you want to be noticed first in your look.

In any case, you should be absolutely certain that you know the metal of your jewellery before you start composing.

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How to choose your gold and silver jewellery?

It all starts with the choice of jewellery, that seems obvious. A successful combination will only work if you pay special attention to the jewellery you buy from the start. Good quality jewellery is obviously preferable. Be careful with costume jewellery: the accumulation of less precious pieces or pieces with an approximate finish may alter the result of your outfit. Well-made or carefully finished pieces will help you avoid this trap and create a harmonious composition.

Now it's time to make a choice: which jewels can be combined without worry?

Unless you have chosen to showcase a piece with a strong style signature, the trend will be for you to choose thin and light pieces with delicate details, seductive charms and impeccable finishing.

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Team selection

Does your heart swing between stones and pearls? Don't worry: the Jane De Boy team has selected for you the combinations that will hit the spot, whatever your style or your desires.

For everyday rockers

Gold bracelets Gigi Clozeau
Necklaces gold and silver rock style

Are you more nails and leather than tweed and pearls, and never go out without your beloved ranger boots or perf? No doubt you're a rocker through and through, and that's just as well, because the accumulation trend goes perfectly with your everyday look.

For bohemian souls

Big dresses and petticoats hold no secrets for you, and you've adopted clogs no matter what the season? You're the perfect bohemian, the one who inspires Travel and escape just by looking good. You may even know all about mixing materials and accumulating jewelry, but a refresher course never hurts.

For the more adventurous

Necklaces or Pascale Monvoisin

While your look is often described as classic, that doesn't mean you can't go a little crazy. Gold and silver also go perfectly with your look: you just have to be a little daring and choose the perfect pieces.

For those who set trends on Instagram

You set the trends. You've mastered the art of accumulation. You're a real daredevil at heart and didn't wait for it to become trendy to combine silver and gold. Your expertise allows you to go for more daring pieces that require a little more skill, but never mind, you love a challenge.

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