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How to maintain your sneakers ?

How to maintain your sneakers ?

Passionate about fashion, you collect pairs of sneakers. White or colored, you have one adapted to each occasion and each outfit. But, as precious as these Sneakers are, you can't protect them indefinitely against time and the elements. Sometimes the unthinkable happens: your precious Sneakers are too dirty, too worn to continue wearing them. So you're going to part with them with a heavy heart. But it is possible to avoid the worst. How can you avoid the worst? By adopting an adapted maintenance routine to take care of your sneakers and make them last in time. There are even places that specialize in repairing Sneakers. But before going to the "Doctor Sneakers", there are a few things you can do to prevent your Sneakers from becoming completely unwearable after a few months. The good thing is that the maintenance of sneakers is not more complicated than the maintenance of other shoes of our dressing. You just need the right products and the right advice.

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Cleaning of Sneakers : the good maintenance gestures

If it is true that the type of maintenance varies according to the material of the shoes (one does not maintain the suede in the same way as the leather), there are fundamental gestures to adopt to clean its Sneakers and to keep them in good condition as long as possible.

  • Regularity is key: make sure to clean and care for your sneakers regularly. Once a week, gently scrub your Sneakers to remove dust and soap the sole to keep it spotless
  • Store your sneakers in a clean and dry place
  • If you tend to sweat on your feet, allow your Sneakers to dry and air them out before putting them back on.
  • To prevent them from warping, use newspaper or shoe trees
  • As for the other models of shoes, it is important to use a waterproofing agent which will act as a barrier against the various tasks on your pair of sneakers
  • Never use aggressive products on your shoes, otherwise they may be damaged
  • Avoid putting your Sneakers in the washing machine, even if they are made of canvas
  • Don't forget to wash your laces regularly and to change them when they are too damaged
Sneakers Veja white and red
Sneakers New Balance white and orange

How to clean a pair of white sneakers?

Essential shoes of any good wardrobe, white sneakers are now a great classic that it is good to have in his wardrobe. The problem is that they don't usually stay white for very long. Between rain, dust and daily use, your brand new favorite pair will quickly turn gray. However, it is possible - with a little elbow grease - to recover very damaged white Sneakers . Here's the proof.

  • First step: start by dusting your shoe by gently scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. You can also use a toothbrush. Be gentle so as not to scratch the leather
  • Second step: gently clean your shoe with a damp cloth. Use cold to lukewarm water mixed with Marseille soap, washing powder, cleansing milk or white vinegar
  • Third step: gently rinse the shoe with clear, slightly warm water. Never use hot water, it damages the materials
  • Step four: To clean the outsole, use a toothbrush and baking soda to restore whiteness. Gently rinse the sole after cleaning and finish the job with a soft cloth, focusing on the heel and forefoot.
  • Fifth step: once your shoe is perfectly clean, it is important to nourish the leather. To do this, you can use a body lotion or cream polish. Massage the product on the shoe to make it penetrate. Once the product is dry, polish the shoe with an old sock or a chamois to make it shine

How to care for Sneakers suede or nubuck?

Suede, suede goat or nubuck Sneakers require a little different care than smooth leather Sneakers . These materials are not more fragile than others, but unfortunately they tend to accumulate more dust and darken more quickly. Careful and regular maintenance is therefore essential for these materials.

  • First step: using a soft bristle brush, scrub the entire shoe (including the sole) to remove dust stored in the material
  • Second step: for the most stubborn stains, use a crepe brush, specially designed for the maintenance of velvety materials. Be careful, you must brush dry and in the direction of the suede. If, in spite of this maneuver, the stains do not go away, it is possible to use some "terre de Sommières", a suede gum or a mixture based on 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar
  • Third step: once the stains are removed, let your sneakers dry and then nourish the leather with a spray adapted to suede. Finally, brush your shoes again to restore the shine to the material

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How to maintain canvas sneakers?

More suitable for the summer season, canvas sneakers are - for a long time already - very fashionable and it is not for nothing. Lighter than the Sneakers leather sneakers, they are a pleasure to wear when the weather is nice and accompany us in our daily lives. But, like leather sneakers, canvas versions are not immune to dirt. Fortunately, it is possible to restore their shine in just a few minutes.

  • First step: Scrub your canvas shoes vigorously with a standard brush. Be careful with the material, however, as brushing with too much force can cause threads to be pulled out.
  • Second step: for the cleaning, everything will depend on the color of the sneaker. If it is color white, use a cloth soaked in baking soda and water. If the canvas is dark, use a cloth with water and soap. Before doing anything else, let your sneakers air dry
  • Step 3: Consider waterproofing your shoes after the treatment is complete
  • Step Four: Where you store your Sneakers is critical to its durability. Choose a dry, airy place. Don't stack your shoes on top of each other and, above all, never leave a wet shoe in the middle of other pairs
  • Bonus: Sneakers canvas tends to soak up bad odors more easily. To prevent this, sprinkle baking soda into Sneakers (or put the soda in a small tulle bag) when you're not wearing your pair. You can also use black tea bags to get rid of bad smells.
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