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Feidt Paris

Sparkling stars in your eyes, moons so bright that every girl wants to pick them up, sharks' teeth to crunch on, lucky clovers, shells where you can hear the waves of Cap-Ferret... The symbols in the "Eternals" collection from Feidt Paris know how to speak the language of dreams. And that speaks to us! In 18-carat yellow or white gold, paved with white or black diamonds, the delicate Feidt Paris jewellery reinvents a new idea of fine jewellery. Chic and bohemian. Rock and urban. Not the kind that will gather dust in a trunk... Mini and cute creations, full of meaning, ultra-refined and easy to wear every day, precious materials but a relaxed spirit, everything we love! The two sisters behind the brand created in 2007 have understood everything about the times. With strong and opposite characters, they have in common a real passion for fashion and know how to anticipate our desires as if by magic. So we don't hesitate to accumulate bracelets, to wear rings on all our fingers, to superimpose, to stack, to play stacking to the full. With such refined women's jewellery, there is no risk of overdoing it or falling into bling. Today, we all want to be part of the Feidt Club!
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The jewellery collection Feidt Paris

The Feidt Paris jewels embody the passion of two different but complementary sisters, concerned with reviving the image of gold. Precious metal par excellence, gold is timeless, whether it is white, yellow or pink. With this in mind, the two designers propose unique jewelry collections to make gold more modern, more contemporary, more accessible, more fun in short. The fine jewelry is adorned with white diamonds, black diamonds and grey sapphires to reveal the rock and urban woman in you. Bohemian-inspired, each piece of jewelry stands out for its discretion and brilliance. Pure creoles, crosses, stars, Necklaces and rings. The Women's jewelry Feidt Paris collection reflects a true art of living. The creations are synonymous with cosmopolitanism above all. You are special and unique. The brand has understood this very well by playing with original shapes, quality materials and sparkling colors. A touch of hippie chic, vintage and urban, Feidt jewelry can be worn every day on any occasion. It asserts itself and reveals your personality with delicacy and finesse. Earrings in 9 or 18 carat white or yellow gold, Necklaces sun or stars, rings of impertinent originality, the essentials of jewelry are reinvented with that little touch of modernity and boldness that is unique to the brand. Totally eclectic, the Feidt Paris jewelry collections for women are loaded with symbols. The pieces are not just ordinary jewelry, they tell their story, hold a message, evoke a desire. They each have a personal meaning. Also, snakes, hummingbirds, stars, moon and crosses coexist harmoniously with the Tree of Life and handcuffs: a perfect disharmony skillfully orchestrated by two goldsmiths. If the models are refined, the symbol affixed to the medallions and rings combines strength and spirituality. Like urban gris-gris, the jewelry accompanies us in our daily activities. The spirit of Feidt takes hold of your outfits through bracelets, earrings, Necklaces and rings adorned with marcasites, semi-precious stones or diamonds. The house has everything to seduce you with a wide range of small symbolic and precious treasures. Wear Necklaces in accumulation as a self-affirmation, dare to wear several rings to show your mood of the day, while the earrings will brighten your day. You will have understood, the jewelry Feidt Paris reveal the woman who is in you to put it in light. Do you want to have your head in the clouds and your eyes sparkling? You've come to the right place!

Buying jewellery Feidt Paris

The purchase of a jewel Feidt Paris is a real impulse. It is almost inevitable that you will fall in love with the "star" necklace, which is full of energy. A sparkling symbol par excellence, the star is found on Necklaces, rings, rings. Romantics at heart need not worry, Feidt highlights moons, stars and hearts, to have your head in the stars. Unless you fall for the arrow-shaped charm that is as discreet as it is elegant. An eternal romanticism emanates from these timeless models that we wear with pride. Bohemian and romantic during the day, the confident rock woman reveals herself in the evening with a single earring adorned with black diamonds, to be matched with a shark tooth necklace for an explosive effect. The Feidt Paris jewels are feminine, refined and audacious, and bring good luck. So, dare to proudly display your protective amulet to walk the city, shine in society or simply assume your personality. Shark tooth, moon or stars naturally reinforce your self-confidence. Made with materials of rare quality, the brand's creations defy the laws of nature and time: they will be your best assets to enhance a classic outfit, heighten the brilliance of a casual silhouette. Why not try the complete "star" set with a necklace and several rings? Need to get away? The sun of Ibiza is holding out its arms to you and setting you ablaze with its luminosity with a ring with a thousand reflections. Take your senses on a journey by buying original, creative and uniquely intense jewelry Feidt Paris . All that remains is to choose the exceptional piece that will seduce you and take you into its sparkling universe.


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