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How do you store your jewellery so that it doesn't get damaged?

How do you store your jewellery so that it doesn't get damaged?

Is your jewelry collection your pride and joy? It would be a shame to inadvertently damage or lose some of your most beautiful pieces. That's why it's essential to take special care when storing your rings, bracelets, Necklaces and earrings. With a minimum of organization and a few tips, you can say goodbye to the little mishaps that often happen at the fateful moment of choosing the outfit of the day. Follow our tips for storing your jewelry correctly and it will be much easier to find the piece you are looking for every morning.

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Jewellery boxes, pouches or jewellery holders: what should you choose?

Despite what you may think, buying a single jewellery box is a bad idea. Why? Simply because some pieces need more attention than others. For perfect storage organisation, you will need several jewellery boxes (with or without compartments), but also other more specific items from Storage furniture . For example, you can buy a wall-mounted jewellery holder, a jewellery tree or a baguier, to enjoy both functional and decorative storage. For added security, don't hesitate to invest in boxes that can be locked. Finally, remember to always keep the fabric pouches that come with the most precious pieces you buy online or in jewellery stores, as they are great storage allies.

In addition to storage solutions, jewellery care also requires regular maintenance. Read on to discover our cleaning tips for jewellery.

How to store your Necklaces ?

Support for Necklaces
Display for Necklaces

We've all experienced the nasty surprise of untying knots. After spending several days in the common jewelry box, the Necklaces end up completely tangled and it's a real headache to separate them. To avoid this thorny situation, there are several methods to properly store your Necklaces :

  • Store your Necklaces and pendants separately. This way, they will be much easier to identify.
  • The best way to store your Necklaces is still to hang them individually, on a hook rack or on a jewelry tree for example.
  • For the Necklaces precious, do not hesitate to keep them in fabric bags. They will thus remain perfectly safe from possible shocks and other external aggressions.

How to store your bracelets?

Wristband holder

As with Necklaces, you need to be careful about how you store your bracelets to prevent them from getting tangled or damaged. But first, you need to know that there are two main categories: hard bracelets and chain bracelets. This is a very important point because the method of storage will not be the same depending on the type of bracelet:

  • To store your chain bracelets, it is best to use fabric pouches or hang them on a jewellery tree. These tips will help you avoid knots and make it easier to get your hands on your favourite pieces.
  • The best way to store your hard wristbands is with a wristband holder. This way, they will be arranged in an elegant way and you can keep an eye on them.

How to store your rings?

Ring holder
Baguier display

While it is true that rings do not have the annoying habit of getting tangled up in each other, they are still delicate pieces that are easily misplaced. To save you hours of searching, here are several tips to apply on a daily basis to store them properly:

  • Please keep the cases supplied with your rings. These are the safest place to store them individually, protected from external damage.
  • Choose a jewellery box with compartments specifically designed for rings. Your favourite pieces will be safe from shocks and dust.
  • For fancy rings, you may want to consider buying a ring box: it is both attractive and very practical.

How to store your earrings?

Earring holder

The worst thing that can happen when you misplace your earrings is that you end up losing one and never being able to get your hands on it again. Asymmetry may be a trend right now, but that's no reason not to take care of your favourite pairs. Here are some tips to help you store your earrings better:

  • Always keep your pair of earrings together. You can do this by attaching them to each other (e.g. creole earrings) or by storing them individually in a pouch.
  • You can also buy a wall-mounted jewellery holder that will allow you to hang your earrings (ideal for dangling earrings) and organise them as you wish.
  • For your most precious pieces, you should know that some jewellery boxes have compartments specifically designed for earrings. They will be protected from dust and oxidation.

Organise your jewellery according to its material

It is essential to know the material of your jewellery if you want to store it properly. Here are some tips for storing your jewellery according to its composition:

  • Store your gold jewellery in individual pouches to prevent it from being scratched by other jewellery.
  • Keep your silver jewellery in a dry place (forget about Bathroom). As with gold coins, we recommend that you use individual pockets and avoid contact with rubber, which could tarnish the metal.
  • When you are not wearing them, leave your gemstone jewellery in the boxes that were provided when you purchased it. Stones can wear out when in contact with other stones, so it would be unfortunate to accidentally damage your favourite solitaire.
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