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Much more than just a jeans brand, Levi's is a veritable myth in the world of denim! Check out our selection of favorite pieces and find the jeans, shorts or jacket that will sublimate your silhouette and your outfits. > Find out more about Levi's

California's most legendary denim label has gone from pioneer gear in the second half of the 19th century to the must-have outfit for millennial fashionistas the world over. The inventor of blue jeans holds a special place in the hearts of every generation, from James Dean to Marlon Brando, from Marilyn Monroe to Alicia Keys. That's only natural when you're lucky enough to live on a unique heritage that stretches from the San Francisco gold rush of 1853 to the hippie revolution of the '60s, via the 501 craze of the '80s. The 501 was even voted "Best fashion item" of the 20th century by Time magazine in 1999. True cult objects, Levi's vintage jeans are collectors' items, and the Levi's Vintage Clothing line allows you to find the models and fabric of emblematic series. The king of denim, Levi's is always one step ahead when it comes to cuts and that original, authentic yet simple style that is the signature of true classics. The pioneering spirit with just the right dose of rock rebellion...

Frequently asked questions about the brand Levi's

  • Where does the Levi's brand come from?

    The Levi's brand was founded in 1873 by Levi Strauss, an immigrant from Bavaria, Germany. Working with tailor Jacob Davis, Levi Strauss created the brand's first jeans. His original intention was to design hard-wearing workwear.

  • How to choose your jeans size Levi's

    To find out your European size Levi's , simply add 10 to the US size:

    • A US size 26 is equivalent to a European size 36 ;
    • A size 28 US is equivalent to a 38 ;
    • A size 30 US is equivalent to a 40 ;
    • A size 31 US is equivalent to a 41 ;
    • A US size 32 is equivalent to a 42.

    L28, L30, L32, L34 and L36 measurements correspond to inseam length.

    For women :

    • L28 = 150 cm or less
    • L30 = 158-160 cm
    • L32 = 164-170 cm
    • L34 = 176 cm or more

    For Men:

    • L30 = 167-172 cm
    • L32 = 172-182 cm
    • L34 = 182-193 cm
    • L36 = 193-198 cm
    • L38 = 198-203 cm
  • How can you recognize genuine Levi's jeans?

    First, pay close attention to the little red tab on one of the jeans' back pockets:

    Make sure the label seam is clean and even.

    • Check that the "R" is circled, indicating the registered trademark.
    • Look also at the letter "E" on the jeans' tongue: all jeans prior to 1971 had a capital "E". If a model purporting to be from a year after 1971 still has a capital "E", this indicates counterfeit jeans, a mistake frequently made by counterfeiters.

    Then check the main knob: it should be copper or silver and in good condition.

    What's more, the model number of the jeans must be indicated on the back of the button. It consists of 3 to 4 digits.

    The label on the back is also a key element of a genuine Levi's jean:

    • It has a very soft material, a particular texture and should be slightly worn. The texture of the label should not be hard or plastic-like.
    • What's more, the size and leg measurements are indicated on the label: they are perfectly aligned, in color red for the letters and black for the numbers. Counterfeiters first make the label from stock, then print these details on each pair of jeans. This allows us to spot a counterfeit when the text is slightly misaligned or has a different shade of black. Also, watch out for spelling mistakes.

    As a general rule, check the quality of your jeans. There should be no defects in the seams or metalwork. The seams of genuine Levi's jeans are thick and tight.

  • What's the difference between Levi's models?

    For women :

    Model 711:

    • Fitted at the hips with a standard size
    • Comfortable leg fit without being too tight

    Model 712:

    • Form-fitting around the thighs
    • Fitted to the size
    • Slim fit
    • slightly widening at calf level
    • Elongated silhouette thanks to its second-skin effect

    Model 720:

    • A must in the skinny category
    • High waist
    • Slim fit on hips and thighs
    • Extremely tight, slim leg
    • Curvaceous cut, enhances curves

    Model 721:

    • Similar to Levi's 711 in terms of fit
    • Slimmed lower leg
    • High waist

    Model 724:

    • A must in the regular jeans category
    • Slim fit around hips and thighs
    • Straight leg
    • High waist
    • Suitable for different body shapes

    Model 725:

    • High waist
    • Slim fit at waist
    • Tight-fitting at the knee
    • Bootcut lower leg
    • Extend the leg

    Model 501 Crop:

    • Inspired by boyfit
    • High waist
    • Fitted hips and thighs
    • Straight cut

    For Men:

    Model 501 :

    • Emblematic model of the brand
    • Classic, raw style
    • Straight cut
    • Neither high nor low

    Model 502:

    • Slightly below the waist
    • Narrower leg cut
    • Refines the silhouette

    Model 511:

    • Reference slim-fit jeans
    • Falls slightly below the waist
    • Narrower cut at the ankle
    • Designed with stretch fabric

    Model 512 :

    • Tighter fit than the 511
    • Tightened lower leg
    • Stretch for everyday comfort

    Slim taper :

    • Similar cut in hips, waist and crotch to Levi's 501
    • Narrower leg
    • From thigh to ankle, the cut is narrower
    • Slimmer and more streamlined

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